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Luxman leaves me wanting
If you’re sticking with an integrated, get one of these! A fella on Canuck Audio Mart is selling one; here is that link:  
Tubed preamps and Power amps- How old is too old???
How old is too old...  As long as it sounds good to you, have the cash to fix it when it does go haywire, and I think the most important, having the original manufacturer repair the component.  Makers such as Audio research, Pass Labs, Lamm to nam... 
Your greatest high end audio purchase!!!
My greatest ever audio purchase, it has got to be these two amps. The Pass Labs XA200.5 was the personal amps of Mark @ Reno Hifi; as you fellas know, Mark has retired and is now enjoying the easy life; when I drove to Mark’s shop in Phoenix, ... 
What speaker could safely be ordered without hearing it first?
Magico A1...  It's small but boy oh boy that little bookshelf speaker can belt it out.  It's spendy though, used around $5K or $6K with stands, new, add about +$3K to that.  On a more reasonable level, how about a Bowers & Wilkins 805 D3 or 80... 
Replacement Tubes
6550's...  How about a slightly more powerful tube as in a KT88 or better yet, a KT90!  It's only money...hah!  :)  
Passive preamp
When I hear passive preamp, I’m thinking of a unit that does not amplify the signal halves, but the quality of components, power supply type as in diodes or tube based rectification, in addition to capacitors, etc will leave its fingerprint on mus... 
Sweet Sounding DAC
Did someone mention they wanted the sound of a "sweet" DAC, meaning midrange warmth, the type of characteristic that vacuum tubes cook-up in the form of a second order harmonic signature?  Well then, how about one of these? This is an inside sh... 
Hovland HP-100 Preamp - Anybody Have Bob Hovland's Contact Info? Thx! :)
Hello Larryi: I just received a reply from Alex Crespi @ Uptone Audio.  He advised that a shop called New York Audio Repair be contacted as they know the HP-100 preamp inside and out.  Thanks very much for that bit of info.  Cheers! RW  
Luxman m900u monos vs m10u
On YouTube, there is a channel named: Jay's Audio Lab.  He did extensive testing with the 900 series amps and the preamp; I think he also had the new 10 series in his listening room, but my memory is fuzzy on this.  Google it or go to YouTube and ... 
Pass Then vs. Pass Now
When Nelson Pass started Pass Labs, and left Threshold, his first amps were the Aleph Series of amps.  In my wanderings, I've had the good fortune to own a Aleph 5 (60 wpc Class A), then Aleph 2 monoblocks (100 wpc Class A), then finally the keepe... 
What is Your End Game System?
A Porsche, while fun do drive plus being a great sports car, and it has that "look at me" factor, they are not really all that dependable.  If you do buy one, be sure to have Geico Auto Insurance, and include in your policy, the Mechanical Breakdo... 
What is Your End Game System?
Endgame system would consist of: Speakers: Von Schweikert Digital: Esoteric Amps: Lamm or Esoteric Preamp: Lamm or Esoteric I'd be happy with the above.   
What is the “World’s Best Cartridge”?
Well then, the best cartridge?  Here is my choice: 10 mm, 220 gr Hard Cast Lead 700 ft/lbs of kinetic energy.  This will stop anything (within reason).  Haa!            
I'm about saving money where I can in this expensive hobby, and they (the Used Cable Co.) have a wide selection of used cable, so shop here: Here is their website:    
Amp(s) to drive B&W 803 D3 speakers
It is my opinion, B&W speakers sound best (as with most speakers) with an amp that has "jump" factor to it.  Amps in my experience that play dynamically are: Mark Levinson #27.5 Fully restored (recapped) by authorized repair center, George M...