Responses from lolo

The best CD Player for the money
ESOTERIC - period no brainer 
Sansui 9090db, best match vintage speakers
Hartley Zodiac 300 
Recommend a Preamp for me....
DYNACO PAS3x tube preamp 
Best amplifier choice under 6k for the sonus liuto
CARY SLI 80 integrated- WOW!!! YOu have to hear it! 
Suggestions for an Integrated Amp $400
MAC 1900 rcv- no brainer . I have one I'm looking to move 
Looking for Vintage Gear to photograph
I'm one of the biggest collector's of vintage on the east coast mac , altec etc 
Dual 1229Q turntable vs new entry-level
I'd look for one in better condition. I restore turntables and seems like this one needs some serious parts- not just a good lubing. But fot $10 get it and bypass the repairs & run it inot the ground listening to your Lps. 
Spica TC-50 Owners out there?
Let me know when you're ready to sell 
Best stereo recievers of the 1970's?
PILOT 252 stereo fm RCV solid state. I collect vintage audio and found this amp compared to ALL the others which I own or owned to be the sweetest, cleanest, fastest, best reception etc etc EVER!!! You would place the mac1700, Pioneer, sx828, sx 1... 
shipping tips
Ship FEDX ground insured. Pack heavy items (30-+LBs) with 2-3 inches styrofoam .shipper processes claims. GOOD LUCK!Call buyer to "feel him/her out" . Do they appear to be honest/sincere or are they part swappers. Buyers are really getting good at... 
Audiophile turntables of the 60's and 70's
Lenco , Lenco , Lenco!!! How about the Systemdek XII? 
High end stores closing do you really care
Bottom line- money - cheaper to buy used or new gear online. Dealers & buyers know that- We all know that. If only brick/ mortar shops could offer items at lower prices , no one would buy online anymore. At least I wouldn't. I like hearing &am... 
Shipping - Who's Resposible for Receipt of Item?
Sounds like a scam if it tracking shows it was delivered. Your in the clear. Lots of buyers' scams going on these days. Sellers have to cover their butts. I have lots of stories.... Good luck 
Replacement headshell for AR
You can easily modify a Techincs/pioneer/sansui type. Cheap and good ( better than the AR) 
Turntable packing wall of shame
Look. Damage occurs from FEDX UPS etc even if tables are factory packed. Just face it, you take your chances with ANYTHING you ship. Have it properly packed and insured. Not that I'm boasting but I've shipped close to 100 tables.None were returned...