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Von Schweikert VR33 or JBL K2 S5500?
speakers are not really an investment. buy what sounds best to you. 
Jeff Beck Rock-n-Roll Party
would have been awesome to see that in person. 
ss replacement for my SET tubes and Egglestons?
I have listened to a lot of gear and never thought you could find what Rockadanny seeks, so is it possible? If yes, I'd be interested too. 
ss replacement for my SET tubes and Egglestons?
how would this be even remotely possible? 
Do you buy Insurance for Stereo Equipment?
no need, coverage C of the policy is for unscheduled personal property and is a percentage of coverage A, which is your dwelling. it's a pretty big number. however, take photos, scan your receipts into computer and paper receipts in a fire box. if... 
Is an amp the next upgrade path for me? Advice...
you get the speakers then go for the amp. If you like SS then I'd try for a used McCormick'll be shocked at the improvement in sound. A less expensive alternative is an Outlaw RR2150 integrated....big bang for the $$$. 
Tube amp decision - Thoughts
if you really like "ruler like response" I doubt you'd like tubes. tubelovers relish the "inaccuracy" presented by tube sound. 
Where stands the music of Chet Baker with you?
I knew I didn't like his singing but Elizabeth's comment is probably right on. He was a self-absorbed person, no doubt. His tone and attack elevate him way beyond average IMO. 
Getting started w/ tube equipment
suggest an integrated and that you avoid chinese made brands. go for a push pull design of around 50 watts a side...that way you have many speaker choices except electrostats. look for a tube design that doesn't have a tube "forest" the less tubes... 
Ipod newbie question?
my brother has a system configured like Realremo works fine for low cost. 
Clear Day Cables Speaker Cables
singles worked best in my tubed system....the shotguns had too much detail and soundstaging, if you can believe that! those would work well with ss gear to turn the 2D soundstage into 3D...the owner of Clear Day is most pleasant also. great product!! 
What is the function/pupose of music plyr/streamer
check out my's real simple but effective. 
component break in
I found only speakers really had noticeable breakin. 
Connex Audio Cables
if you are interested in great sounding inexpensive silver cables, try Clear Day....sold on Audiogon, they are simply terrific. 
Affordable "audiophile" network player?
Squeezebox touch still needs a computer to access the stored music since the computer runs the software and most likely a dac too that betters the touch's inboard dac.