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Audioquest or Nordost for speaker cable
Should Amps be plugged into a power conditioner?
I have a Shunyata Hydra 6 and my amp is a McIntosh MC 7300.  At one time I contacted Shunyata directly and the head tech person told me to plug the McIntosh directly into the wall.  FWIW.  
Equalizer to compensate for hearing loss - Any success stories?
I have chronic tinnitus and I experience annoying sibilance when listening to certain recordings.  I purchased the Schiit Lokius and it has been very helpful in lessening the sibilance.  Not a cure all but I would recommend it.   
New Streamer, DAC or Let it Be
You need two rooms, one for home theater and the other for stereo.  
A quick question on what streamers to consider.......
Even with a budget of $2000, that is overkill, you can easily find what you need for much less.  
CD player/transport with exposed tubes?
Shanling CDT-100  
DAC suggestion for PC
For a PC I would keep it simple, compact and inexpensive. So consider a Schitt Modi.  
Mcintosh pre amp pricing
Being the original owner of a C2200 and a MC7300 I can advise you to look for another brand if you are expecting "discounts" or for what you perceive as being overvalued.  
Quality of Sirius XM
Considering the quality of their "stream" and the amount they charge, it is probably the worst offering imaginable in audio.  
Question/Help Needed: Boomer who is totally inexperienced with DACs and streamers.
You will be very happy with the performance of the Wiim Pro Plus and yes, you use the excellent Wiim app on your phone, or tablet, as your 'remote'.  I added an Allo Nirvana external power supply to the Wiim, and it greatly enhanced its performanc... 
Question/Help Needed: Boomer who is totally inexperienced with DACs and streamers.
WiiM Pro Plus.  Very good reviews and inexpensive.   
Do people tire of audio forums?
I enjoy the variety of subject matter and most opinions but I wish Audiogon would offer an "ignore" feature, and a "like" button.   
Looking for an all-in-one just-add-speakers streamer for my son to take to college
Easy recommendation:  WiiM pro plus (there are also two other less expensive WiiM models).  
Equalizer in a Hi Fi system
I recently purchased a Lokius and find it quite useful and unobtrusive.  
@navyachts Thank you for mentioning my profile page.  I went ahead and just now updated it with component listing and photos.  And yes the TriVista has a tube output stage.