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Should Amps be plugged into a power conditioner?
Just curious regarding 'headroom' (and potentially limiting it using a power conditioner): can someone link to articles where they measured the actual draw of (high power) amps? I would assume the outpout power demand peaks are very short and shou... 
A listening test of two power amps
I was hoping (like the OP) to read some OPINIONS or IMPRESSIONS comparing the 2 recordings. I don't see ONE (maybe hidden in all the other non relevant comments). Neither my ears (listening skill) nor may system are good enough to make a judgement... 
The molecular level explanation of "cable burn-in"
I think once a cable is burnt IN (best to measure that time), then you can only use it for 2x the burn in time before it is so altered that it is burnt OUT (you know those atoms and molecules get so dizzy from changing around that they start twist... 
T&A Criterion TB 160 - any around?
German manufacturer ("Theory and Application).  The Criterion TM160 scored in the highest group in their test (decades ago; Stereoplay magazine). And interesting conept of combining 2 principles (and praised for their bass); test also decribes th... 
Throw it out!
Someone came to my garage sale (that is where my dumped music goes) and bought lots of vinyl. Made her aware that some are NOT in 'good shape' even for the lowest quality turn table.  She said: "oh no, I am not playing those. I am teacher, and I ... 
Better cd SQ
"No reason to waste money to play the CDs you have when you can have access to millions of albums at the same or better sound quality." Such nonsense.   
Velodyne DD15 - internal wiring
Missing home for 3 pin connector on thick black wire:    
Velodyne DD15 - internal wiring
@dekay Thanks. downloaded one that might help. Found the 4 pin with thick black wire going to botto 4 pin, now connected. Have NOT found a come for the other thick black cable with 3 pin connector.    
Velodyne DD15 - internal wiring
@koestner they don't allow contact info. Can you upload to this facebook?  
Velodyne DD15 - internal wiring
@dekay Yes, EBC. But it alway takes a few days (emailed Thursday), and not sure if they have sub specific wiring photos. The photos I took prior to sending in last time do not show.   
Velodyne DD15 - internal wiring
@koestner Thank you! I message with contact email.    
Experience with adding super tweeter?
"If I run that test blinded very few people over 50 would be able to tell the difference." I doubt that very much. If frequencies above say 12 kHz are missing, my money is on making a clear difference and high blind test colleration for 50+ audiop... 
Experience with adding super tweeter?
@mijostyn Even if we cannot 'hear' (correct: hear less) above 12k (or 16k for that matter), it is nevertheless a key part in any music. Simple test (already mentioned earlier): borrow a low fi graphic equalizer, push all levers UP, and the last on... 
Experience with adding super tweeter?
"not hear high frequencies" is certainly nonsense. Just use a cheapo old fashioned equalizer and pull down the "16k" lever while pusing all others up. Then listen to a violin (or pretty much any other instrumetn/music).     
One DAC to Rule it All
"recently found that keeping the <100Hz from the main speakers gave me a nice increase in resolution." That part I found myself with various 'full range' speakers, including current Nautilus 805 (which are not known to be weak 'down there' but ...