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VPI Prime Sig/Lyra Delos / Feedback ...help!
How far away is your table from your loudspeakers? Do you have any isolation device under the turntable?  Some carts are more sensitive than others to acoustic feedback.      
Kuzma Stabi R vs Dr. Feickert Woodpecker 2 vs TD 124DD
Which ZYX?  Its been several years since I had one in rotation.  
Kuzma Stabi R vs Dr. Feickert Woodpecker 2 vs TD 124DD
After living with a fussy thread drive table for several years, using the Stabi R/4P9/Vibraplane combo has been an absolute pleasure. As @no_regrets might say, I have no regrets.      
What Holiday Gifts did you ask for or Give to Yourself?
Nice gifts people! I have started my first voyage into the world of tube amplifiers.  I purchased a used Decware Torii MK IV with three full sets of tubes. Using this ~26 watt amp on a pair of 90db sensitive Vandersteen IC and a pair of Vanderste... 
Pass Labs XP-25 Outputs
I have an XP-27.  I use both outputs simultaneously when I am recording a record.  RCA to my A to D converter and XLR to my preamp. I'm sure you can use both outputs in an XP-25. I tried out a SUT (!:15 Bobs Devices) to see if my Lyra Etna SL wou... 
Preamp Gain issues with high efficiency speakers
Are you using the RCA outputs to run a sub or two?  I have a Bel Canto E1X pre/DAC that I use for as a Roon streamer and phono pre.  It also has sub outs where you can control the low pass start point. You can also add a main speaker high pass fre... 
Preamp Gain issues with high efficiency speakers
The Decware should match great with your speakers. I just picked up a used Torii MK IV and I'm having lots of fun. I am now looking for efficient speakers like the Zu. Please let us know how you like it. Are you still breaking in the Soul VI? Are ... 
Sometimes, things go right with impulse purchases.
Tablejockey is getting hassled for spelling today.  I know what he meant....  
Sometimes, things go right with impulse purchases.
That is awesome.  I read with interest the recent review of this phono pre.  How would you characterize its sound signature?  Is it quiet?    
Discuss The Viv Lab Rigid Arm
Very cool.  All the cartridges you have tried have "advanced" styli (I think) which may require more fastidious alignment to sound their best. At least in a traditional overhung tonearm. In this tonearm, you align the cartridge straight ahead and ... 
New Pass Labs Go To
Glad to read this thread tonight.  I bought many wonderful Pass Labs instruments through Mark. He really was a great person to work with and very responsive to email and calls.  Hope he enjoys his retirement!    
To condition or not ?
@carlsbad2 What does “reported to” mean?  Because by design, Niagaras do not limit current. Interested to know what would limit the amplifier?  You got links?  
To condition or not ?
Your Niagara 1200 is a well designed noise reducer.  I can’t imagine it would do anything but maintain or improve the operation of the table motor.   
Looking for people who had heard both the Kuzma 4point 9 and the SME V...
I think you have basically described the sound of the Delos. I have heard the exact same characteristic on my Kuzma 4P9.  I would keep the SME and consider going up the Lyra line to one of their lambda series cartridges (Etna or Atlas) instead of ... 
Thank You Fumihiko Sugano and Koetsu
I found out about his passing when Koetsu returned my RSP, unrepaired, last week.