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Q acoustics harsh high end
Well I have learnt that the hard way 
Q acoustics harsh high end
Unfortunately, with all the replies saying they would need to be run in, I thought they might improve. It's far to late to ask for a refund. I'll just sell them when I can afford to upgrade. 
Q acoustics harsh high end
P3ga, thanks for your suggestions and helpful responce. I have tried many different set ups and my conclusion is that these speakers are not as good as everone seems to think. (I do realise I'm in a minority of one). I tried to engage with the man... 
Q acoustics harsh high end
Thanks PogbomberAll very good suggestions! I have purchased a second hand marantz amplifier from the 90s, which has a warm sound. I have relocated the system into a different room with soft furnishings and a carpet. I also bought a second hand Arc... 
Q acoustics harsh high end
Sorry for the late reply Pogbomer, I only just received the notification.┬áThe general consensus was that my harsh top end would either disappear in time or was the result of the environment. Well many hours have passed and I have tried the speaker... 
I'm not even quite sure how to phrase my question, but here it goes...
Going back to the chlorine question, I test once a week (as per the installers instructions) but my neighbour says I should be doing it every six days!!!!!!Any advice warmly welcomed. 
speaker break in
It not really a matter of hours but sometimes months. I once bought a pair of Wharfedale Denton bookshelf speakers and they still sounded rubbish two years later. 
Please Make Audiogon Cool
I don't think listening to music through a good quality system is nerdy or uncool, it's spending time on a forum discussing it that's lame. 
speaker/stand, couple or isolate?
I have some fairly large KEF floorstanders in a large room on a suspended timber floor. I found the sound very much improved when I hung them from the ceiling with motorbike clutch cable. It is fairly easy to experiment with height and well worth ... 
Any cable delivers more bass than Cardas Golden Reference?
Dumbeatdid you try toggling between left and right after switching the cable around.its more likely the speakers are not matched. 
Which cable
Many thanks tablejockey, but shouldn't that read his attention to detail 'is' second to none 
Any cable delivers more bass than Cardas Golden Reference?
Back in the 90's when I was doing my masters in Audio and Acoustic engineering at Solent University we spent many months doing blind trials with different types of interconnect leads. After thousands of comparisons with very little compelling data... 
Could headphones be used to evaluate speakers?
I know speaker stands are expensive, especially those supplied by the speaker manufactures but if you need to elevate your speakers cheaply why not try beer crates. You can choose your favorite beer! 
Looking for a good full range floor stander
EveningThere's only really one name you need to know and that's Pallmann. They have a single serpentine drive and an aluminium finned German power unit. That said, if you have a smaller room this could be overkill. Remember to remove absolutely ev... 
Horns and 2in Drivers
IMHO a 6" loaded horn would be a minimum requirement but obviously it's a case of getting the proper mount and experimenting with the angle so that everyone in the room is happy.