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Would I benefit with Roon?
I was hesitant re Roon, but about two years ago, I started using it and it is completely worthwhile, based on the organization, music discovery and more. It does help if you have a reasonably sized music library.  
why expensive streamers
I'm with mikhailark on this one.... most do not understand how packetized networking works.  
Anyone listen to entire albums?
I do...when I play CDs,  Blu-Ray audio or vinyl, I almost always listen to the whole album...and about 1/2 the time when I stream  
Best DAC’S $5k to $15k
spending even 5K, much less 15K is no guarantee that you will get superior sound to a DAC costing under 1K  
Are You a Swifty?
Swifty used to mean fans of the Tom Swift series of books  
Songs you use when auditioning gear
music I am familiar with and which has a lot of dynamic range. Some of the blu-ray audio recordings on AIX records;  Dark Side of the Moon and others.  
It's attention, not money, we should budget
I agree....there is very little correlation between price and performance and clearly speakers make by far the largest difference, followed by the quality of the recording and then the other electronics.  
Ripping CDs
I have been very happy with Fairstars CD Ripper...  
What use to burn in power cords?
Speaker Spikes - Working Principle
a good article on the topic   https://www.audioholics.com/loudspeaker-design/speaker-spikes-and-cones-2013-what2019s-the-point    
Thinking of Magnepan ... finally!
I have had Magnepan MGIIIa speaker for years. I biamp them with a pair of bryston 3Bs.  They are light on bass, but I really do not car about strong bass.  The bass they have is very clear and not muddy. You need patience in moving them around..I ... 
Rhodium plated audio grade wall socket
Make sure that all the wires in the house leading to the audiophile sockets are also suitably audiophile grade....  
Outlets and Wire Gauge? - Please help!
My Home Theater setup is attached to an isolated ground (ask your electrician). It helps prevent hum.  
Better story teller than Edmund Fitzgerald?
Stan Rogers - Both the Mary Ellen Carter and The Last Watch on the Midland are excellent story telling songs.    
LOUDEST Concert and Tinnitus
Loudest concert I attended was The Who at the International Ampitheater in Chicago in 1980;  my rings rang to the next day. Loudest event, Drag Racing nationals at Chicagoland Speedway...I wore molded earplugs for that event, but you could feel t...