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What Horn loaded speaker/ speaker system for $10k'ish and under
in no particular order: Altec Malibu JBL DD5500 JBL 4343/4344/4345 I own the Malibu, DD5500, and 4343   best of luck in your search.   Jose.  
Parasound vs Coda
Admittedly, I am a Coda fanboy.  I currently own Boulder 2050, Krell KAS and listen to Gryphon Solos (sold Pass XS 300 and ML 33H).  I will not part with my Coda "class A" amp.  Doug Dale has always been great to work with, like Pass, top notch cu... 
Speakers known for great midrange.
Not a stand mount, far from it...Duntech Princess; excellent midrange.   Jose.  
Phono Stage upgrade to complement Dohmann Helix One Mk 2
@drbond I currently own the following,  DSA II, Boulder 2008, and Nagra classic with dual MC and external power supply.   The Nagra , in my system is better than the other two.  I have had the Ypsilon SE in my room for extended periods,  and pref... 
Dunlavy SC IV Speaker- Any Good???
@chorus  don't know what the set price is; priced right,  those are good speakers .  Good luck in your search.    jose  
Question about Class A
@jay73  try the Coda 11 mentioned.   100 wpc class A to output.  Should you decide to swap speakers,  the Coda will allow for future updates.   I have zero affiliation with Coda the company,  or the preowned being sold.    respectfully,  jose  
Dunlavy SC IV Speaker- Any Good???
@chorus  i currently own Duntech Princess and have owned them for 16 years.  I highly recommend them! They sound great with Pass Aleph 3 or anything of higher wattage; class A is best.  These require space to the sides, not as sensitive to the wa... 
Question about Class A
@rfnoise. +10 Great advise given thus far.  That Coda is a bargain.    Excellent amp, excellent service.   I have a Coda S-100 and won't part with it...  I also have Mephisto Solos,  Boulder 2050/2060 and Krell KAS amps.   Give the Coda a chanc... 
Systems over $100k
@jakesnak.  Greetings, i hope all is well.  I don't know what to replace the Solos with...i will compare to Apex once available.   Most of all, I'm really Intrested in the Commander.  NAGRA HD has an organic,  natural sound that paired well with ... 
Systems over $100k
@jakesnak  did you compare Rockport Lyra to the Cygnus? I use Cygnus and considering Lyra.   i preferred Nagra HD to the Pandora, with the Solos.   respectfully,  Jose   
Not manufactured any more.
@oldhvymec , those Tannoy look impresive.  Reminds me of JBL 4350. Cheers, jose  
Why Are People So Concerned About How Others Spend Their Money?
I dont care if the windows are broken or house is falling apart; it's that person's prerogative.  His money, his choice.     Be well, Jose  
Short list of musical subwoofers
Rel 25   Jose  
Not manufactured any more.
@ditusa i have a pair of DD-5500 inside the pool house,  along with some Talon Pheonix and Duntech Princess.    Jose   
Soulution 725 or Robert Koda Takumi k10?
That is correct; it's ALL personal taste.  That's the fun / beauty of it all.   Cheers,  Jose