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What is your front end ?
I have almost all of the front end types out there; LP-12 (almost to Klimax level), DCS Bartok, Moon CD transport, Revox B77, and a Nakamichi DR-2.  I enjoy them all as there is very little duplicity among my various formats of music.    
Reel to Reel
I've had R2R's in my system since I was a teenager.  I currently own a Revox B77 (vintage).  It was refurbished by Curt Palmer (Reel to Reel Tech).  Great guy and one of the best at R2R refurbishing.  Buy one of his decks and you won't be sorry. ... 
Buying Used Speakers
My last 3 sets of speakers came from a dealer either as trade ins or demo's.  $ Savings is significant and you have the security of a well established vendor to stand behind the sale.  In the case of the demos, you even get warranty.  I know this ... 
Yello - Reel to Reel
If this post sparks any interest in acquiring R2R tape decks,  Curt Palmer at Reel to Reel tech is your man.  I got my Revox B77 from him and it's the bomb.      
Looking for 50-100 watts of Tube Power (give or take) for my JBL 4349s
I just traded one of these in at Audio Concepts in Dallas,  Check it out  
Best Covers
The Allman Brothers - Statesboro Blues    
Why do people like reel to reel players?
I bought my 1st R2R 50 years ago and have owned several ever since.  I have 60 reels of tape, much of it containing recordings that are not available in any other format. I have a refurbished Revox B77 (Reel to Reel Tech).  The sound quality is cl... 
2024 Audio System Wish List
An APEX Upgrade for my DCS Bartok.  And/or an Audio Research Ref 160 power amp to replace my Ref 110  
Bad experience with an electrician
How many "Country Music" bass players does it take to change a light bulb? 1, no 5, no it's 1, no, it's 5, no! it's 1, no!, it's 5  a little musician humor for you  
Is there anything better than live recordings?
One of the best (if not the best) live records was “lLive at the Filmore” by the Allman Brothers.  Another favorite of mine is “Waiting for Columbus” by Little Feat,   
Phono Stage Upgrade
There is a great ARC Dealer in Pittsburgh.  The shop is called Stereo Stereo, and the owners name is Micheal Klein.  I am not affiliated with the business in any way.   Good Luck   
Bookshelf speakers on a bookshelf (Sad)
I hae a pair of ProAc D2R's in my book case built in and they sound great.  I use a moon integrated w/ DAC and node for streaming.    
My dealer came to my house and had me listen to 4 tracks (my picks) with my Kimber KS1121 interconnects (balanced) and Shunyata venom speaker wire.  then replaced all with Transparent wire.  Listening to the same 4 tracks, I noticed enough improve... 
When a budget speaker is preferred to a high end one...
Twice I have invested in a major speaker upgrade only to "build" thre rest of my system around them.  The good news is thst with each susequent upgrade the speakers sounded better and better.  I guess this is a testament to system and room matchin... 
Has this happened to you? How can it be stopped?
I thought a vintage Marantz Tuner equipped with a scope would be a nice "shelf filler" for my ARC, Moon, Linn, Wilson system.  After attempting to purchase two tuners that were broken, and having to have Ebay bail me out on both, I realized purcha...