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What Does Holographic Sound Like?
One hit quit. 
Best DAC Mac Mini with HUGE soundstage?
09-14-12: TimrhuNot in my experience. After testing each, I much preferred the toslink out. I feed it to a Monarchy Audio Super DIP which converts it to coax output which in turn feeds the PS Audio dac.Completely agree. The USB is by far the worst... 
What Does Holographic Sound Like?
09-14-12: RcprinceI'm sorry, but you lost me. How do you run interconnects and power cords in series? I think he means that he is using power strips. 
rip mca, beastie boys rapper
The Beasties don't get nearly enough credit amongst serious music fans for their many innovations and dynamic creativityThey were just inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. How much more credit do you think they need? 
Best Rock Album in 2011
The Airborne Toxic Event, "All at Once." Catch them live, too. 
Clarence Clemons - RIP
Lindisfarne: the comma goes inside the quotation marks, dewsh.RIP Big Man. You will be missed. 
Name your favorite sax solo.
The Big Man Clarence Clemons' solo in Jungleland! God rest his soulHear, hear. My thoughts exactly. RIP Big Man. 
Blind Person Needs a New FM Receiver
I can't help you with a tuner suggestion, but I can say how nice it is that you and your 85 year old grandfather are able to share an interest in listening to music. Here's to many more years of happy listening for both of you. 
Black-Eyed-Peas, the future of modern music?
Sucked so bad I re-watched the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. 
SHM SACD's need to be burned in
What a load of crap. The only thing it takes10 times to do is convince yourself that it really sounds worth playing an 11th time. 
Most Influential American Musician of All Time?
Without a genre of music, it's a dumb question.And that's because musicians from one genre don't/can't influence musicians in a different genre (blues+rock, for example)? Explain. 
"What's Your Best Price?"
As a buyer you ask if the price can be lower than the asking price and the buyer decides. If the answer is "no" then neither buyer nor seller is in any worse position than when they started.If the buyer's first question is something like "I don't ... 
$6 Million Dollar Man?
I think I see Bose 501s in that room. Oh wait, wrong thread. 
Need to downsize Isoclean for LCd tv and H Theater
OP hit the eggnog too hard, methinks. 
Who is the KING of MONOS?
Equally crappy? This is not about sharing opinons anymore is it?Yes, equally crappy. That's my opinion having listened to both Bose and Revel speakers. I think they both suck. If you don't like that opinion, too bad.And if you dismiss my opinion t...