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The best Standmount Loudspeaker $6k or under
Interesting. How would you compare the carbon 7se to the Revel F208 that you have also praised in the past as one of the best under $10000 speakers. Thanks 
D-SONIC SOA Class-D Core Amps. The best Class-D ?
>>I really think they preform better then any AB amps I have owned. They remind me of a pair of class A amps I owned some years ago.<<Hi Tan43, what class AB amps have you owned? Just curious. 
Top brand speakers
Sounds more like Bo2002 than Bo1972 to me. 
Top brand speakers
"I've been involved in audio since the mid-1970s and I have evovled beyond 3D, past4D and I'm now experimenting with N-dimensional sound." - Onhwy61How about that, Bo! 
Top brand speakers
"People were a little affraid when I came into their room. Most people in audio are fat. But I am big with a atletic figure."Achilles from the movie "Troy" would not be afraid of you. :-) 
Subwoofer's Front Firing vs. Down Firing
"The level of integration is the key to succes in integration!"-BoVery insightful. Thank you wise man. 
W4S SX-500 vs. new mAmp?
Magnumpi205,any update on on the mAMPS compared to your SX1000's?Thanks. 
Anyone have/ordered the Job 225?
Glory, how do the BelCanto M500's compare to the Job? 
Who did hear the new Pass Labs .8 series amps?
"Wenn" you hear it tell us how good is your sound realism.:-) 
MAGICO Q1 vs dc10 Berlin SM
So the OP is actually dc10audio? 
Thinking I need a Sub...
Completely agree with Wolf_Garcia, that's exactly how REL subs work and blend with the main speakers when setup properly. 
Revel Performa 3
I wonder how good the F208s are with large orchestra classical works. Anyone? 
D-SONIC SOA Class-D Core Amps. The best Class-D ?
"Jdec... Educate yourself and go on the Marten website and read the PDF brochure on the M-Amp and the advanced design technology by Patrik Bostrom thats applied in the amp." (Audiozen)Well, I just read the Martin pdf brochure on the m-amps, and it... 
D-SONIC SOA Class-D Core Amps. The best Class-D ?
The Mark Levinson No53 class d monoblocks are only $50,000/pair. 
D-SONIC SOA Class-D Core Amps. The best Class-D ?
"As I recently posted, Patrik Bostrom designed the worlds finest Class D amplifier with Leif Olofsson, the Marten M-Amp in Sweden." (Audiozen)The "world's finest class d amplifier"?How can you be that sure if you have not heard them?(I know, you a...