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What are the best speakers for Mac MA252?
That's a very small room : I'd strongly advise against any Vandersteen : even the 1's need a lot of room around them to sound best.I don't think any floor standing speaker is going to work great in that space.I would really do a stand mount monito... 
What are the best speakers for Mac MA252?
Op said he wanted a sub...otherwise I would have recommended a Focal Aria 926 or 936.  Don't really need a sub with a 936 : but they're not the best choice for smaller rooms. 
What are the best speakers for Mac MA252?
I'd say a Focal Aria 906 + a JL E110 sub.  Retail would be $2500 for both : but Focal is running a sale on closeout Dark Walnut 906's for $999.  Stands (necessary) do add about $300 though.   
Toslink Cable : Lifatec vs Wireworld Supernova 7
I tried the WW Supernova : it did sound a bit better than standard plastic grade toslink - but of course a lot more $.  If you're interested in one, PM me.  I know a dealer who has a new one he wants to move (they are not big sellers).   
A Better Bluesound AC Cable?
Wireworld just introduced a new series of C7 power cords, which I tried out on a Bluesound Node 2.  Definitely seemed to improve the sound to me.  Not a "night & day" difference....but definitely worth the $60.BTW : am I the only one who thing... 
Which magnepan
Ive had both 1.7 & now 3.7 in a similar sized room.  They both work : but 1.7's will give you somewhat more placement flexibility.  I would not go smaller than 1.7 in that room.Re : other non planar options - would definitely take the KEF's on... 
Cronos Magnum II
If you have TWO tubes go like that in a row : best to send back to Rogue or a qualifed hifi repair guy.  Don't keep popping tubes in it - at some point you'll possibly start blowing resistors etc and things will start to get more fatal and pricey.   
Speaker recommendation
I find a lot of people like Focal speakers for classical music.  Big soundstage, great dynamic performance (above average efficiency), good detail retrieval, but smooth.  At around your budget & room size I'd say at least an Aria 936 ($4K MSRP... 
Blue Node 2 ... ???
BSN2 all the way.  You'd probably have to spend over $1K to better it as a DAC.  At or below $500, it's a no-brainer : no need to demo first - there's nothing better really. 
Cable budget in a rig
Cant really use simple rules of thumb. You need to think of cables as another component - one that completes the circuit with others gear.  So get / pay what you need to get the sound you want. Which is why working w/ a good dealer to home demo is... 
Looking for Good Shipping Companies
Lot of people use R + L carriers.  Just sent some Quad's to NW Arkansas.  Reasonable rates - but no insurance.  I think they offered 20 CENTS per pound max - so made no sense.   
Suggestions for Amp & Preamp or Integrated for my speakers
At $2K max budget, your better off with an integrated amp. Don't know any separate preamp / amp combo new that I would want to own.Vandersteen's are somewhat power hungry.  I would suggest new a Hegel H90 integrated amp.  60WPC may not seem like a... 
Please tutor me on some integrated amp basics.
I would not get too hung up about the operational class of an amplifier : just that it has the necessary power for your speakers and the sound quality you want.  I personally feel the Hegel H360 would be an excellent choice : it's has lots of powe... 
Power conditioners and wall warts
What twoleftears says.  Certain power conditioners have isolated banks: e.g. Isotek.  Otherwise I agree with others that doing a separate power strip with all wall warts / smps in it - and have that into a different outlet - is best.  This helps -... 
Which integrated amp for better musicality - Parasound Hint vs Primaluna vs ???
Without a doubt, the Primaluna.  What stereo5 said. Parasound integrateds get you in the "value trap". At a certain point, that's not what you want / need anymore.