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Record Stores NYC
Check out Academy Records 12 W 18th St.  Been going there for years.  
What are the audio differences you hear with turntable Mats.
I've been using the Boston Audio/Sakura mat for 15 years now, I just switched to Soundeck PM Black.  I use the HRS record weight as well with both mats.  For me, the Soundeck PM Black gives me a bit more separation and energy, it's subtle, but the... 
Turntable isolation
@folkfreak I agree, you should not have competing isolation systems which will cancel each other out. 
Turntable isolation
I've been considering two types of systems for isolation - active and passive.  Active versions are microprocessor controlled isolation systems (Herzan) and passive versions are spring based (MinusK).The active solution is one-size-fits-all.  The ... 
Torus power vs the competition
@cousinbillyl Completely agree with you on realizing what it did to my system.  Once I got my isolation transformer installed into my system, something had changed in the sound, and it took me a day to realize all the music was there minus the noi... 
Has a component ever changed your focus?
A component may very well isolate and resolve an issue you are trying to fix, so then your focus will move on to the next issue you hear. 
New Vinyl
Here's a new release from 2017 that sounds good:Cigarrettes After Sex (Partisan Records) 
Graham Phantom 1 Owner's Manual
I am in need of the same manual, for the Phantom 1.0.  Please let us know if/when you find one. 
Thumbs up for ultrasonic record cleaning
A little late to the party, but here I am.  My DIY kit came from Amazon today.  I'm a believer. 
Most satisfying system change in 2017?
The isolation transformer I went with is the Furman P-2400 IT. 
Most satisfying system change in 2017?
Adding an isolation transformer to my system. 
Static Electricity on Vinyl
There is a passive solution to static on the record.  The SK-EX-III.  Works great on records that have static build up.  3-6 seconds in the sleeve and the static is gone. 
Lowering the noise floor
@willemj Yes, very good point.  Your environmental noise can easily mask any system noise you may have.  That is my case indeed. 
Lowering the noise floor
I look at this topic in 3 different ways:background noisesignal noiseenvironmental noiseDifferent products will affect the first two aspects of noise floor. 
high frequency intermittent noise
It's all about the music...once the needle drops...I'm very happy.I was on a quest to solve the noise (which I have lived with for some time) and in the process, I resolved a ground loop issue, and inserted an isolation transformer which really di...