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Thoughts on Vincent SP-998/ SP-T800 Mono Blocks.
@arcticdeth     Yes the 998's double down into 4 Ohms and are rated 1000W into 2 Ohms. 
Thoughts on Vincent SP-998/ SP-T800 Mono Blocks.
@drgeorgethelawyer       To my knowledge the Vincent Sp998's were never manufactured for the U.S. I believe only for Europe/Asia/Australia. Good luck in your hunt. 
Has anyone heard System Audio Mantra Speakers?
@james37  Nothing like variety James. That's why I have so many different Components/Speakers. Both those should be a completely different presentation to the SA's. Personally don't mind Spendors but not a fan of Harbeth's that I've heard.Enjoy. 
Has anyone heard System Audio Mantra Speakers?
@james37  While in our 2nd Lockdown in Melbourne in August I managed to purchase the last pair of SA Mantra 70's at an incredible bargain. You couldn't buy the components for the price I paid!After around 100 hours these sound quite nice. Differen... 
Doge 8 Clarity with tube upgrade or Primaluna EVO 300
Telling us the rest of your Equipment would help. The Doge 8 has a Phono Stage, will you be utilising that? If you are not using Phono than I would definitely advise a dedicated Line only Pre-Amp. I have an earlier Doge 8, it's line stage is prett... 
Vincent Audio SV-500 Arriving Today
istvan1976 That's interesting about the Vincent Integrated's having the same Sound Signature. I've only heard my Brother's SV-500 of their Integrated's as I'm a Seperates Person. Can tell you the Power Amps in my Collection have different Sonic Si... 
Long run balanced interconnects
While not familiar with all your Components, the Audio Research Ref.6 is a serious bit of kit, the others while I havn't heard, have good rep's. IMO they are deserving of better XLR's than Canare. I was using Canare which does a reasonable job for... 
Ice Age Audio?
Bought one of their Power Cables years ago. Does an ok job on the CD Players and Pre-Amps I've tried it on. Certainly an improvement over a junk kettle Cord. 
Any opinions on Morrow USB cable and SP5 Speaker cables?
I have used Morrow SP-2, SP-4, and now SP-7. They are pretty good. I bi-wire on a couple of different sets of Speakers and find the SP-7 are great for bass. However I've found less expensive Cables that better the SP-7's on mid's/highs. 
Some amps I never heard of...
I have the Vincent SP-T700's in my Collection. Like most Vincent Products they sound good and Punch way above their Price Point. The Tube Input gives them some Warmth and they have a nice "Punchy" Bass. They will be a Massive step up over your Rot... 
Which amp would you go with
Not familiar with your Speakers, but I set up a Vincent SV-500 for my eldest Brother. Sounds very nice. I personally own a number of Vincent Components and most Punch way above their Price Point. 
Who needs a Preamp??
A "Good" Quality Active Pre-Amp brings the "Life, Soul, Emotion" to the Music. 
Speaker Cables for Revel Studio Ultima.
@newton Yep, that's my finding. Owning a number of Power Amps, what Cables I use is dependent on Power Amp in use. 
R.I.P. Damien Lovelock. 
What amp is best with Wilson Sasha DAW speakers
@rauliruegas Any particular reason you don't own JC1's? As you seem dead keen on them. What do you own?