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Power cable for Ferrum Hypsos
All opinions are welcome, thanks!! I happen to be a religious fundamentalist too, trained in conflict resolution. 😆😆 To be clear though, my 71 yo ears hear distinct SQ differences on components with cable swaps. It’s no placebo effect because I’v... 
What was the most expensive record that you ever bought ?
Steely Dan’s Aja from Discogs. There was a review on you tube where someone did a shootout with 6 versions of Aja. He determined that the “Cisco” was the best. So, I gambled $400 based on his review and it is awesome. I cannot spend that or nowher... 
Non-fatiguing speakers in $10K range?
I’m 71 and I don’t find my Magico A3s too bright at all. I love them and wouldn’t trade them for anything, save maybe the A5. But I don’t think my dedicated room size is large is enough (or my wife’s tolerance 😆). Virtually all other equipment ie ... 
New expensive power cord for amp and no change in sound?
Two years ago I bought a Less Loss power cord and filter which was about $1800. I put it on my equipment (one piece at a time). Pass Int 60; Innuos Zenith MK 3; Ayre  QB 9 Twenty. Don’t remember if I put it on the PhoenixUSB or not. The only disce... 
Back to the DAC
Recently I picked a slightly used t+a DAC 200 and I am really, really  pleased with the sound. My progression: border patrol SEi; Ayre codex; Ayre QB9 Twenty; Hegel 590 (built-in DAC); t+a 200. It is a good match for rest of my “colorless” ss syst... 
Records not stored vertically for decades
lewm is right. If you have a friend with a decent analog rig, take some samples to him and give them a spin. Given the high cost of quality gear, it’s a good step.  
Meeting up with members even where there is no sale
I would love to attend Axpona. Just landed a new DAC and it would have been great to hear others first. The brands I was considering appear to all be there. Thought about a last minute trip but couldn’t quite pull it off. I’m in SC and attended a ... 
What the Best Dac have you heard or owned. How could you tell it was that good.
T+A DAC 200. Probably end game DAC for me given my modest system and my age. I have had lesser units but never at or above its retail price. I’m a used market guy and for what I paid for the 200 was a steal in my mind. I have a pretty good tt and ... 
What’s the best DAC < 6k (system specific)
I finally popped for the “new” DAC. A slightly used t+a 200. Sounds mahvalus! But, has no hdmi. Trying to figure out how to listen to dsd as I gather it may be even better than pcm.  
Do I have to get a CD player to sample DSD on my digital rig?
Great!! Bring it on over and we’ll hook it up! 😆😆  
How would you spend my next $5K?
Looks like you have a very nice setup, I’m a little behind you but, have similar equipment and just popped for a good DAC that’s on the way.  I don’t know how you can best spend the next 5k but, I have a question if you don’t mind. I have same fro... 
Floorstanding speaker experiences/recommendations in the $12-25k range
I’ll second Vuch. I have the Magico A3 and love them, and they have ample bass for me w/o sub(s). Not sure how they sound with low power. I’m pushing with 300 w Hegel 590.  
Cream — Stormy Monday
When I was a senior in hs, I didn’t know what HQ audio was. But, I  thought Creams’s Wheels of Fire sounded great on 8 track while driving around in my dad’s 1966 Sport Fury!  
Cream — Stormy Monday
If you like the RAH version of Stormy Monday, AND I DO, try Soulshine from Allman Bros Where It All Begins. The dueling duo of blues/rock guitars is amazing. First tune I played after my last upgrade and it still blows me away.  
What’s the best DAC < 6k (system specific)
@audioman58  I’m streaming Qobuz through Innuos Zenith MK3. I just researched Innous 2.2 and it allows me to use HQ player with the streamer as a standalone endpoint. So apparently I don’t need anything extra but the Innuos 2.2 upgrade. I have do...