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Kiseki Purpleheart
I replaced my Allarerts MC1B with Lyra Kleos. I am happy with change. The Allaerts had a lot of mileage on it. Nice detail and openess.   
Does carpet deaden the sound too much?
I had speakers spiked on w2w carpet for many years. I just had carpet removed and hardwood floors refinish. I am now using Herbies Gliders with spiked speakers on the hardwood floors. It sounds more lively, open and detailed. I think its a big imp... 
BS Node 2i: WiFi or Ethernet..?
I had very occasional dropouts with WIFI on my Node 2i (Amazon HD). I switched to a Cat 8 cable and have not the problem again.  I am using a Cullen C7 power cable and DH Labs D750 Coax to CDP Dac.      
Alternate screw down clamp for VPI Aries
You could try a SOTA record clamp. You don't screw it down. It has a lever that tightens against the spindle. I don't know if it will work on VPI tables. It is expensive about $300. 
Hearing Aids
Widex Moment 440 made a huge difference for me. I have upper mid and high frequency losses. I won't listen to my stereo without them. The effect is like I upgraded my speakers. I consider it an upgraded component. 
Scheu Audio Das Laufwerke No 2 Arrives Safely
I've been using a Scheu for Premier 2 with 80mm platter, Moerch DP6 9" tonearm and Allaerts MC1 cartridge for years. This has been a very reliable combination for me and I am happy with it. Good luck with your Scheu table. 
What are you streaming tonight?
Robben Ford - Blue MoonAmazon HD 
Songs for Discriminating Ears
Chris Jones - Long After Your GoneNick Drake - Black Eyed DogSteve Strauss - Mr BonesTom Petty - Don't Fade on MeSteve Wilson - Even Less (live)Donald Fagen - I. G. Y. 
Hearing aids for audiophiles.
Widex Moment hearing aids worked for me. Very expensive but its like I upgraded my speakers. I was missing upper mids and high frequencies.https://www.analogplanet.com/content/two-months-widexs-moment-440-mric-r-d-hearing-aids 
Amazon HD Lower Price
Amazon Music Unlimited now gives you Amazon HD. It's 3 months free for prime members. I've recently subscribed. The SQ is not supposed to be as good as Qobuz but they have 70 million songs at cd quality or better. It's now about half the price of ... 
Equalizer for hearing loss
I purchased widex moment hearing aids. I am now able to hear upper frequencies I was missing. It was like I upgraded my speakers. They were not inexpensive but with the prices of HiFi equipment today I was ok with the purchase. 
What are you streaming tonight?
Stupid Dream - Porcupine TreeUsing Amazon HD for now. 
Unheralded masterpieces revisited?
+1 Nick Drake Pink Moon 
Amazon Music and Bluesound Node 2i
I also am using the Node 2i with Amazon HD. I have no problems with using the Bluos app. You select the albums you want in the Amazon app and then play them with Bluos app. I have read that the Sq is much better with Qobus and Tidal. I will try Qo... 
Got a Node 2i, what's next?
I have a Node 2i. It hooked to my router with a Cat 8 cable. Digital coax out to Esoteric K-05x with DH Labs 750 cable. I am using Amazon HD which works well with the Bluos app. The ease of trying albums, I have not heard before is great. From wha...