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Magnepan Service HORRIBLE???
This company is a small shadow of what it once was. Their extreme rudeness and arrogance at trade shows should be your first clue to AVOID this company. I have owned 5 different pairs of Maggies in the past but I am done with this company. Plenty ... 
Thoughts from THE Show, is $29k the new $10k?
>>I am 53 and can hear relatively well up to 12 or 13 Khz. You must be an alien from another planet. I have worked extensively with the House Hearing Institute. They have performed more detailed hearing tests on more human beings than any gr... 
IPod to home stereo - How to get best sound?
1. PURE i-20 digital dock + DAC of your choice. 2. The new Luxman dock is very good too. 3. Avoid the Wadia, the quality is subpar for the price charged. 
Onkyo 9555
Just don't buy any low impedance speakers. The ONK class D units do not drive these well at all. The ONK standard units (WRAT) drive low impedance loads just fine. 
Steve Hackett's The Shrouded Horizon, 2011's best.
Out of The Tunnel's Mouth seems a little better than TSH in my opinion. Just wait until Steve releases Squackett (a Steve Hackett/Chris Squire CD). That should be excellent! 
magnestand owners
Did my 1.6's. Peter is a great guy, also very honest. The mods improve the Maggies, no question. Peter is a straight shooter so he makes a few enemies. My dealings with him were excellent. The speaker becomes smoother and more transparent. The cos... 
Sunfire subs
The real overlooked sub is the Martin Logan. Sunfire subs are fine but all high power subs eventually break and repair pricing on the Sunfire's are very high. ML repairs are very reasonable having dealt with this recently. A friend recently trashe... 
Onkyo ND-S1 vs Wadia 171
I tried the Onkyo ND-S1, Wadia 170 and the PURE i20. Sold the Onk and Wadia. The Pure with a NOS DAC is a giant killer but most won't believe it. My ears tell me otherwise. 
Mini Maggie System hurts to listen to
Maggies REQUIRE rear diffusion and space. That little ribbon can be too much of a good thing too. A resistor is an easy fix. 
Wadia 171i Digital Transport Sound Issues
I thought the Wadia dock was totally overpriced and lacking in quality. I sold it after I bought the $99 i-20 PURE dock which is sonically superior and much better than the Wadia in terms of build quality. A no-brainer audiophile purchase. 
Which one defines sound: Pre amp or Power amp?
Neither. It's the room, speakers, and source material that determines 95% of the sound quality. 
inexpensive dock for iPhone 4 with digital out
I second the suggestion for the Pure i-20. The best $99 I have ever spent on audio. An amazing product for the $$. 
Has anyone did a blind test on iTunes AAC vs CD/Lo
Great topic!I have been burning at AAC 256, 320, and lossless. I have Martin Logans which are pretty revealing. In blind testing I can hear no differences between CD and lossless, possibly minute differences between CD and 320 AAC but it is extrem... 
Can I hear from some Emerald Physics Cs3 owners
Had the CS-2 for a while. They are initially impressive as they do the controlled directivity thing very well, almost as good as the Geddes designs. However, they lack detail due to the cheap compression driver. I went to Martin Logans for much be... 
looking for advice on budget subwoofer
A used Martin Logan Dynamo is an incredible sub for around $300. Do not waste money on speaker or interconnect upgrades and run from anyone suggesting upgrading Power cables, a complete fraud.