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From Rossini Apex to ????
Try MSB.  
Boulder 866 vs CODA CSiB
I had an 866 and Coda #8.  The Boulder was superior.  It's a stellar integrated.  If I didn't have an improved DAC--the one in the 866 is very good, but not $10k+ good--and it had an IR remote instead of RF, I may very well still have it today.  
Coda #8, Pass XA25, or Schiit Tyr to replace PS Audio M700
I think we heard the same things from the #8.  Techno is a funny and accurate way to describe it.  In the context of today, it sounds like AI generated instruments. 😄  
Great network streamers with only USB outputs
I suspect anyone who craps on USB-SPDIF converters in general has never used one.  
Accuphase E-280 Voltage Conversion (100V to 120V)
Why dink around?  To save thousands of dollars for minutes of your time. @imhififan is the hifi MAN!  
Coda #8, Pass XA25, or Schiit Tyr to replace PS Audio M700
How loudly do you like to listen and how big is your room?  XA25 may very well run out of steam given the sensitivity if your speakers if you like to crank up the volume and want some slam.  I have an INT-25 on rotation with Joseph Audio Perspecti... 
Luxman leaves me wanting
If you want richer, I recommend Pass Labs.  I have both L590-AX and INT-25 and I get what you mean about the Luxman.  The Pass definitely has a meatier sound with more "in the room" imaging and presence.  I had an LTA Z10 and found it comparativel... 
Hegel H390 DAC
I had the H390.  If you like its DAC, I think you would love a Lumin.  
New DAC! Meitner MA3, Denafrips Terminator Plus, Holo May KTE, Mola Mola Tambaqui
MSB Discrete vs Premier
@creditingkarma Wow, that is a great upgrade policy, so maybe it's worth going with the Powerbase for Discrete if you're planning to stay with MSB and upgrade.  
Luxman L-509X as a preamp
Good choice!  
MSB Discrete vs Premier
Discrete owner here.  For sure two Discrete PSU over one.  I added the second one a few months later and was floored by the improvements.  Hard to justify the $7k cost of the power base with the Discrete.  At that point it's too close to the cost ... 
I still prefer SPDIF and AES/EBU to USB in general. A good glass TOSlink cable makes a big difference in my experience.  I've used WW Supernova cables on several occasions with satisfying results.  You just have to try things to see what you like... 
Accuphase A75 Voltage conversion 100v-230v
@imhififan You're a legend!  
Luxman L-509X as a preamp
No, to my ears the 509X is definitely not as good as a ~$6000 used dedicated line stage.  I used it from time to time to drive my Luxman M800a power amp.  It sounded pretty good and quite neutral, but was outclassed by my PS BHK and Allnic L3000 p...