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Burlington, VT - Any interest in starting a club?
This thread is pretty old now -- I am in Burlington and would be interested in an occassional meeting (4 times per year?).- Eric Hart 
what to do cordless phone amplifier problem
Good point. If you unplug all your phones from the wall power, and you still have this problem, then the issue has nothing to do with your phones. 
what to do cordless phone amplifier problem
Weird. Cordless phones do come in different varieties. If you have the 900mhz flavor, try the 2.4 ghz flavor (be careful of interference with wireless computer network, however). Or try the 5 ghz flavor.- Eric 
Best Pre Amp for Rotel 980?
I have this amp and liked it very much paired with a Classe CP-35, which used to be Classe's entry-level pre-amp. Used, the CP-35 could be considered a "budget" preamp, depending on your budget, I guess!I use that amp in a second system now myself... 
Comments on the Olive Opus CD Player
Hi Kana813,The Olive is explicitly aimed at people who want a drop-in replacement for a CD player, and do not have room or want "computer-style" hookups for their CD player. Given that fact, the display is as tall as it can be (as tall as the comp... 
Comments on the Olive Opus CD Player
Hgefiman,Isn't the MCD205 a 5 disc changer? If it's the one I'm thinking of, it's a great sounding machine, you won't do better in terms of sound quality.I wanted to be sure you understand that the Olive units do not *require* a network connection... 
Comments on the Olive Opus CD Player
That audiocircle thread is wild! The main gist seems to be that OPUS digital out is less than top-notch for some reason, but that the internal DAC sounds very good. If I understand it correctly... (the lower-end Musica and Symphony units have fine... 
Anntenna Question
Just wanted to let everyone know after all these years that:1. I did get the small FM antenna working satisfactorily, there was a bad connection that I fixed per Bob Bundus' troubleshooting tips.2. I just last month replaced that antenna with a tr... 
Anyone Compared the Olive Opus to the Zero One?
I just got my Musica last week, and am also very pleased! I don't have an external DAC, which I hope to be able to dig into in the future as funds allow.- Eric 
Favorite Non-Major Record Label
Thanks to lngbruno for pointing me to Fun! 
Opinion between MacIntosh CD Player and others?
I listened to the MAC changer for a couple of hours, attached to Mac amps, and compared it to a high-end Rotel CDP attached to the same gear. Mac was much nicer, much less bright and digital. I loved the changer, but couldn't afford the $2500 at t... 
Warmer sounding CD Players?
The Jolida that I listened to did have stock tubes in it. It was also quite new, I'm not sure it was "burned-in".- Eric 
Warmer sounding CD Players?
I love the Music Hall player, which I consider pretty warm to start with. Certainly the excellent suggestions here would be warmer still. I have listened to the Jolida and didn't like it as much as the Music Hall -- too mushy for me -- but it may ... 
Anyone Compared the Olive Opus to the Zero One?
As I understand it, the Olive Opus hasn't shipped yet, so no one has heard it. They are supposedly waiting for parts. Audiocircle has reviews of the Olive Musica (search on Olive), which you could use as a transport with an external DAC (like the ... 
Cambridge Audio Azur 640H
Velocity, what format do you store files in? The specs don't show support for FLAC or Apple Lossless, so if you want lossless you go with uncompressed WAV, correct?Have you compared with the Olive Musica?- Eric