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A nightmare regarding streaming?
That’s disturbing. I have spent hours putting together playlists for the winery I work with, several lists 10 hours long so the staff doesn’t get tired of the same songs. We use Tidal /Mac Mini and Meyer Sound. I can’t imagine coming home had fin... 
4Point9 vs. OL Conqueror vs. Vertere Super Groove HB
@rsf507  It is currently my top choice too. I wish I could have afforded it before the price crept up. I just recently began looking at the Vertere, so it also has appeal. Thank you for your insight.  
4Point9 vs. OL Conqueror vs. Vertere Super Groove HB
@rauliruegas  Yes, I agree the Belles have their limits. My goal is to make them sound as good as they can. Down the road if desired, I can change out speakers. These do sound real nice right now, except for the bass control. If I hear you correc... 
4Point9 vs. OL Conqueror vs. Vertere Super Groove HB
@lewm  I am a believer. Better soundstage, jumps right out at me. Thank you!  
4Point9 vs. OL Conqueror vs. Vertere Super Groove HB
@lewm Thank you for the suggestion. The second TT (changer) is now gone and replaced with the Decware phono pre. I will get rid of the chotchkies and ROK turntable displayed on top and have a listen.  Cheers, Eddie  
Racks, equipment and footers
I agree with some of the others, get the rack you like, and isolate each component. That's what I did.  Springs seem to work best, but play around with it, some component isolation seems to make little difference in sound, while others are clearly... 
Am I right for this forum?
I too miss @millercarbon. And agree with @snilf that he was what I call a character. A great balance of bluster, knowledge and even humility when it came to admitting that he only knew what he liked. He also helped me in my audio journey.   I will... 
Turntable advice
Or Dr Feickert Volare. Love mine!  
Turntable Isolation
Townshend Isolation platform. You will not find anything better.     
Improving a stone rack
Townshend can fix it for you. Whether it’s pods or platforms it’s one and done. Most recommend isolating each component which is expensive. Maybe start with a source and see if you get good results and continue if it works for you. Townsends isola... 
Where to go next with the turntable
Thought I would throw in the Dr Feickert Volare as an upgrade.  I love mine!!!  
2024 Audio System Wish List
@tksteingraber +1. Only mine is a phono Preamp ordered Jan 6 2022. We are close buddy!  At least part way up the first page!!  I’m told it’s worth the wait!     
As An Experiment I Stuck A Few Things Under My Pre-Amp And Am Now On A Quest
Townshend all the way. A little pricey, but the improvements are evident. I have my turntable on the platform and speakers on the bars. Tightens the bass up and gives more detail and soundstage. My highs seem crisper and cymbals really sound accur... 
Speakers 10 years old or older that can compete with todays best,
I’m still digging my 1978 Belle Klipsch. Yes, new tweeters and ALK Extreme Slope Crossovers. Technically not exactly the same speaker as new, but I love ‘em!    
At what price is one considered an Audiophile.
There was a reason I never joined a fraternity in college, or joined a political party. I’m in it for my enjoyment. Don’t need the title or anyone to tell me how to get there.