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Helping a friend build a new system
Some really great advice here.  I love this site, thanks guys. 
Helping a friend build a new system
That sounds like a nice project for you.  Your friend is fortunate to have someone like you  helping him.  I would keep it simple for now.  I like the idea of the integrated amp. The CD player is fine but you might show him the advantages of strea... 
Fraud and scam, how many of you are victims?
I'm retired law enforcement and have some experience with scams.  Many are the result of a little laziness and naive thinking on the part of the victims.  We all hate to go through life being cynical and un-trusting but it may be necessary in toda... 
Stratospheric audio gear prices
I thought the post by ericrt was worth reading and makes a few good points.  Overpricing to convince buyers that an item is top quality has been a marketing technique for a very long time. I now make it a habit on all products to read customer rev... 
eBay / PayPal: Beware - enough is never enough.
I have over 900 transactions with a 100% feedback rating. I'm not aware of any major changes to the eBay policy, maybe I should be.  ***My advice...KEEP IT SIMPLE.  I've been asked if I will accept various methods of payment.  I reply, " I will ac... 
I'm here for the sharing, not the snobery
I'm a newbie but I really like and respect that first post.  
Sound quality of Newer versus Older speakers
I have Vandersteen 1Bs, about 25 years old.  I took them to Miller Sound assuming they should be re furbished but was told they were fine. Mr. Miller stated that as long as speakers have not been exposed to dampness, or other harsh conditions, the... 
Connecting a streamer via an Ethernet cable
I was advised at World Wide Stereo that it would improve sound so I did run an ethernet cable from my modem to the back of my receiver. It may have improved the sound a little bit. My system is fairly modest (a Yamaha N803 receiver). It may elimin... 
Embarrassed....Audio furniture help
All good advice here.  You might also check Craigslist. There are often misc. furniture and entertainment set ups on that site.  You could always get a divorce, but an elaborate custom made wall unit designed and hand made by a dozen Italian maste... 
Can't believe I let myself get sucked in again.
Don't blame yourself, we all go through this.  With the virus and lousy weather here in Pa. , I just spent another $2500 on audio tweaks and another $6500 on two Stressless chairs.  It's only money. Enjoy. 
Paying with a cashiers check? Need advice!
tvad's post convinces me that something is not right. A lot of experience here says don't do it.  I agree. 
BS Node 2i: WiFi or Ethernet..?
I ran an Ethernet cable and I think it did improve the sound  a bit.  
My list of tweaks and the verdict
1) Iso Acoustics Orea insulators under my receiver seemed to help the sound considerably. 2) Iso Acoustic Gaia III under my speakers didn't seem to change the sound from the previous spikes.3) Audioquest Type 5 speaker cables didn't seem to do muc... 
Different volumes while streaming
Please disregard my last post.  I've researched Roon on line. It sounds pretty impressive but seems a bit complex just to adjust volume. I know it does a lot more than that but for now, I'm trying to keep things simple.  Thank you for your advice.  
Different volumes while streaming
Sorry, I'm new at this, what is Roon?