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Gallium Nitride GaN Class D Amplifiers
@marco1 , @tvad  What SQ characteristics do distinguish from the auditioned Class D Gan amps that cause you to still prefer tubes. I suspect I would agree with you and pick tubes but for my rooms allergy to heat.  Have you ever experienced a cla... 
Power cable Advice...
My reasoning is as follows: If you have bad water passing thru rusty municipal pipes which is treated in the last 5 feet of your under sink filter system, is this going to improve your health?    
AGD Tempo in the house
I just emailed AGD. They responded: Yes, 11Stereo is an authorized AGD Dealer for the state of Georgia.  
Tweak Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps.
@mahgister Merry Christmas. Nice to hear from you. Can you share what ionizer you use? Happy New Year to everyone.  
What was the first power cable that you noticed a difference in the sound?
Williwonka's DIY SPIRAL HELIX. Wires provided by fellow Goner, which I assembled with spare plugs for positive difference. Also tried a bulk audiophile recommended by a you tuber, with negative difference. Connected to pre-amp.  
Quite a compelling narrative by mclinnguy. The silver dart would represent huge value if it delivers as described. Unfortunately, still too rich for my blood. Anyone with listening experience care to opine on the less expensive Zafino PC offering... 
Watermelon test for audiophiles!
I want to know what Audio Science Review measurements are 🤔😬  
What are the best GaN Amplifiers available today?
@yyzsantabarbara  thanks for the update and no worries. Coincidentally, Roger's Magtech also has my attention, though budget and heat is a concern. I look forward to your listening observations via a vis the amps you have and had in your stable, a... 
What are the best GaN Amplifiers available today?
No more GaN amp info here, but I am eagerly awaiting your modded GAN 400 to be evaluated by yyzsantabarbara to see how close it got to his Coda 16 when using the LRS+.  
My Medium List of Amplifiers and my Personal Review of Each !
I'd like to see how Roger Sanders Magtech amp would fare.  
concrete (cinder) block tower with wood chopping block for turntable stand
Wanna try pennfootball71 with the panel teed up and leveled. Fore!  
Magnepan Upgrades, Silver and New Crossovers!
Jl35 +1 Has anyone bought what they considered to be a great car,  at least for the money? Would its performance, looks or comfort be enhanced by some aftermarket shocks, struts, tires, larger rims, carburator, spark plugs and wires, or even a tur... 
LOUDEST Concert and Tinnitus
Grand Funk Railroad. Circa late 70s. It was so loud and unpleasant that my buddy and I cut out early. I remember listening to the sound flooding out as we exited the arena while my ears were still ringing. Any hearing impairment I have, I blame on... 
Atma-Sphere Class D… Amazing
My conundrum. I'm warming up to Class D. Actually, more the opposite as heat avoidance is the main reason for seeking out a Class D amp. My problem is that I'm a keeper. I'm not a component every year type of guy. More like every decade. So ther... 
Silver Speaker Cables
@lak and others, if you have any experience to share. How do the Lavricables compare to Zafino? Specifics, please, and thanks.