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Looking for advice - Mola Mola Kaluga amp has no output
Glad that you have your amps back and the long wait must have sucked! Did Ampex indicate what was the problem and what was the likely cause?    
Help, my system seem to have slowly gotten " bright"
Since one of your speaker pair sounds good, you have a good setup for debugging this. My recommendation is to try the different frequency sweep (you can easily find this on Tidal/Qobuz/etc.) and for each frequency write down spl at your listening... 
Not sure what to think
The OP's speakers are ~40 years old so that may be why you are not hearing any difference.  Perhaps you could take your preamp to the dealer and A/B in the awesome sounding system there.  
Looking for advice - Mola Mola Kaluga amp has no output
Good luck @musicmatters1206 .  I am still puzzled how two monoblocks died at the same time with the same cannot be a fluke and it must mean that something feeding into the monoblocks must be responsible; could be the powerplant or th... 
For those familiar with Sonus Faber
I upgraded from Olympica II to Serrafino Tradition.  I also auditioned Nova III.  I loved my Olympica II and there was a modest improvement in going to Nova III (primarily deeper bass) but a large improvement from Nova III to Serrafino Tradition: ... 
Looking for advice - Mola Mola Kaluga amp has no output
Hi @musicmatters1206 were you able to get your situation resolved?  
The sound quality from DACs - is it all the same?
I have had a number of DACs in my system over the last few years: Cambridge Audio DacMagic 100, Cambridge Audio CXN V2, Ayre EX8 (with the digital card), Chord Dave.  There is definitely a difference: e.g., compared to the CXN V2, the Chord Dave h... 
Looking for advice - Mola Mola Kaluga amp has no output
Question: Aren't the Kaluga monoblocks?  if so, isn't it strange that neither of them is producing any output?  Can you borrow any power amp and test the preamp out?  
Looking for advice - Mola Mola Kaluga amp has no output
Two questions: 1. Have you tried plugging in the Kaluga directly into an outlet rather than the power plant? 2. What is the input into the Kaluga? Have you been able to verify that this is working? 3. Isn't the Kaluga class D?  If so it is not ... 
Thanks to Juan of @blisshifi for Greatly Improving My Listening Pleasure
Unfortunately I do not live near blisshifi...but I've found them consistently balanced, helpful, and generous with their time and advice on the boards.  If I needed to buy from a remote dealer, I'd surely reach out to them.  
S/PDIF coax to BNC
Thanks a lot @blisshifi: I'll follow the route you suggest.    
S/PDIF coax to BNC
I agree they are not in the same class but I just bought the Dave so would prefer to get a bit more mileage from the streamer before I switch.  
Company headquarters and warranty repairs
I talked to the distributor for Mola Mola (GTT Audio) and they said their DACs need to go to the Netherlands but once they receive them they turn them around in one day. I have two Ayre components and they are incredible to deal with. They do tak... 
Integrated amp: Component weight
+1 to many suggestions for Ayre EX-8 v2.  I have this with the streamer/dac cards installed and it is ~24lb one-box solution that does streaming, DAC, preamp, and amp.  It sounds fantastic with my Sonus Faber speakers.  
Not enough outlets
@artemus_5 Issue is that the plug needs to go behind a shelf and a straight plug would require me to move the shelf an additional couple of inches into the room which I prefer not to do.   I'm going with a high quality power strip and will repor...