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Grimm MU1 vs Antipodes K40
@wtb   Bill:   Christiaan Punter // hifi-advice.com has teased out the differences between Antipodes and Grimm (and other servers) better than any other source I'm aware of. I'd look at his primary reviews as well as others...because he digs deep ... 
Cube Audio Nenuphar Single Driver Speaker (10 inch) TQWT Enclosure
Just listened to / viewed Janos' recent 'Real World Audio' YouTube post.  As always, he offers an interesting and meaningful perspective. This one is about reactions / feedback from three of his female friends as they listened to digital and viny... 
Real world experience with Line Magnetic 805ia
@jim94025   I have indirect experience (dealer auditions) with Devore speakers. A close friend has the 845 Premium, as well as LM's 211 amp and their 129 preamp. The negative feedback setting for the 805ia is a useful function and will make speak... 
Best DACs under $7,000.00
The body and the other features i consider to be the task of amp and preamp mainly. @niodari   The server / network player / transport / DAC all contribute. In other words, not just the preamp and amp.   
Sternklang Cables
willgolf: this may have more to do with I/O optimization for the 'source' and 'receiving' components.   I forgot to mention that I did have an FTA Callisto USB cable which is very good, but when I put it up against the Albedo spdif it just coul... 
Looking for advice
@dgplo17  Your one box approach is smart. Go with Naim.  
Help with USB Cable Option
@temmple   One cannot "triangulate" around my system, my room, my experience, my ears, etc. via remote postings. You will get answers for sure. Are they the right answers??? Whichever way you dice this, you have to do the work yourself. You'll be... 
what kind of power conditioner for front end?
@juanmanuelfangioii That’s mood lighting for when "Kind of Blue" is in rotation. It’s actually a camera artifact. The blue is overtly exaggerated. For example, the TV screen jellyfish image is actually black and white. The blue carpeting doesn’t ... 
what kind of power conditioner for front end?
@kota1 +1 regarding ADD-Powr. Stand alone; or in conjunction with a power supply.  
Whats playing on your system today?
Rodriguez  ---  Cold Fact  (Folk-Rock / Garage / Psychedelic)  
different people may hear the same sound differently...
@teo_audio   Good to have you back.  +1 to your post and especially this >>>     In the end, the unherdable individual cats that escape the bag, are the only thing that saves us from the doom of being a boxed animal. Celebrate the i... 
Best DACs under $7,000.00
And they'll say the 10K ones "punch" much, much higher or multiples above. : )   reviewers have said punches in the 10 K level Would you please provide links to the reviews wherein reviewers said it punches in the $10k level?  
How good does my system have to be to realize an improvement with cables?
What about the basic elements / fundamentals of music? One surely hopes for agreement / convergence. Embrace this ⬆ Not that ⬇   My question is what's the  percentage of the overall component's cost should be the cabling and at what point sho... 
Best DACs under $7,000.00
@gregjacob Have you considered upgrading your network player? You can improve upon your Innuos and have a few options in the 5-7K range, more if you consider used units.  
Whats playing on your system today?
Anna Clyne: Dance  //  Edward Elgar: Cello Concerto  ---  Inbal Segev - cello / London Philharmonic; Marin Alsop - conductor.