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Quantum Science Audio Thread
Let us know how the QSA fuses sound.That's a LOT of money for a fuse. A couple of hundred bucks I can rationalize.I don't think I have the equipment to support a thousand dollar fuse upgrade.....Synergistic Research puts out some good stuff. About... 
Quantum Science Audio Thread
I ordered the exact same rated fuse.SR Orange.I have not had any issues. 
Quantum Science Audio Thread
Frank,My system was sounding pretty glorious, too.The SR Orange fuses really, really make a difference.Not cheap, but in my system very, very worth it.Everything makes a difference. Power cables, interconnects, fuses, room tweaks, all of it.Add up... 
Quantum Science Audio Thread
Have you tried any audiophile fuses?Yes or No? 
Quantum Science Audio Thread
George, have you actually tried any "audiophile" fuses?Any at all?Guess your ears can’t hear what mine do.  
Quantum Science Audio Thread
I'm a little late to this party, but I can attest that adding 2 SR Orange fuses (1 to my preamp, and 1 to my amp) literally left my jaw hanging open.So, I don't really care HOW or WHY it works, but I know for SURE that it indeed works. 
Mating sub(s) with Maggie 1.7i
Well, on one hand, I think your AE15 idea would mate beautifully with the M1.7's.On the other hand, a commercially available pre-built subwoofer would give you the opportunity to quickly try a sub out in the system and if it didn't meet your crite... 
I don't have sibilance problems, are my speakers dull?
A lot of the early pressing CD’s had the issue.They simply took the original master for the LP and dropped it onto the CD format.The end result was a lot of sibilance and extremely dry sounding, bright recordings.Later re-masters of the original a... 
Why does a dent to a tweeter not affect sound quality?
I would never buy a pair of speakers that the tweeters were pushed in/dented on.Even if they were "sucked out" or pulled out whatever. If they're wrinkled, pitted, whatever.....the answer is simple."No, thanks."