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I have NOVA V's and I am not happy
I’d add that my integrated has a EQ controls which gives me a lot of tonal flexibility.   
I have NOVA V's and I am not happy
I have these speakers paired with a McIntosh integrated amp and they sound sublime.   
Accuphase E380 upgrade?
Why upgrade if you’re happy with the current setup?  
McIntosh DAC not streaming DSD
@glennewdick Thanks, I appreciate the response.  I did contact McIntosh and below was their response:  We do not believe that Tidal offers DSSD streaming as these files, especially DSD256 are very large. Your Roon Nucleus may have been convertin... 
Is there such a thing as a FOREVER DAC/streamer?
A contrarian point of view… Yes, you can find your “forever” system if you’re not addicted to continually upgrading gear.  DACs are already delivering in formats that are barely indistinguishable from one another to the human hear, e.g. DSD256 on ... 
Looking for Speaker Recommendations
I have the MA8900 paired with a Roon Nucleus + and Sonus Faber Olympica Nova Vs in a large living room. Sound amazing. Same company, that amp and SFs are made for each other.    
McIntosh MA8900 vs MC452 Soundstage Depth
@eugene81 I have the MA8900 and can’t recommend it enough. Powerful rich sound but not overblown. Now that the 8950 is out you might be able to pick this up for a bit less.   
What are the Best FM tuners?
This is the best tuner money can buy right now: https://www.mcintoshlabs.com/products/tuners/MR89  
Subwoofer with Floorstanding Speakers?
@inna I’m running a McIntosh MA8900 with 200 continuous watts - plenty of power for my current speakers. The only other component is my Roon Nucleus+.  I’m all digital.    
Streaming vs Physical Media
Streaming all day, every day.  Tidal subscription to Roon Nucleus+ to my integrated amp - nice, simple, and the music is every bit is good (if not better) than CD or other sources.  Plus I get to sit on my sofa and choose music from the convenienc... 
Have Mcintosh 8950 - Should I upgrade my Paradigm Prestige 75f?
I have the same amp you do (last model, 8900, but essentially the same).  I bought Sonus Faber Olympica Nova Vs to pair with it and they sound fantastic to me.  Of course, demo, demo, demo, and listen to your ears.  You’ll get lots of opinions.  B... 
McIntosh Group purchased by PE firm
Bro, you lost me at “Mc has been 3rd rate forever and will remain so.”  Haters gonna hate.   
Roon Nucleus as a Streamer
I use the Nucleus + and run it with my McIntosh integrated amp, with DAC, and a Tidal subscription as the source.  It sits on a shelf underneath my amp and makes absolutely zero noise (I mention that as I wasn’t clear on the comments upthread abou... 
McIntosh Group purchased by PE firm
Private equity will look to “value engineer” costs down.   
Best Smaller Bookshelf Speakers For Use Exclusively With Ambient Music?
I would look at Sonos. I know it’s not high end audiophile, but it’s well within your budget and sounds good (I run a pair in my office).