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Class D amps seem poised to take over. Then what?
Class D may become the dominant topology in the future, but as long as there are audiophiles, Class A, Class AB and tube gear will thrive. It's not even nostalgia. It's the sound.  
Half speed masters. Are they worth the extra scratch?
Hi OP, If you don't have the manual, here it is. Speed adjustment is on page 10. Happy listening.  
What do you have on order RIGHT NOW.
Just ordered from Mouser 20 pcs. of IXYS FRED's, 8 for the power supply of my Sugden A28 and the rest for future use. The A28 has been recapped using Elna Silmic II in the audio sections and Nichicon Gold Tune in the power supply. I expect the new... 
How Do You Store Your Record Collection? Recommendations Please!
The teebooks design has very little side support at all. I'm concerned for the safety and good shape of the records.  
to buy or not to buy (ultrasonic record cleaner)
Based on my readings, I tend to think that ultrasonic is now the way to clean discs, whether new or old.Just get it. It is a one-time investment anyway, and should you want to dispose of it, someone will get it.  
Which VTF Scale are you using?
This one is very nice. It's what I use, although I also have the Shure. 
Thinking of trying "vintage" sound just for fun
My uncle has a nice Scott 340b receiver, restored and with some cap upgrades driving Klipsch Heresy speakers. At 35 wpc, it is more than enough to drive these speakers to glorious sound.  
The best TT system for under 30K
OP, Given the aesthetics of your components, I suggest you look at Oracle turntables, good-looking and great-sounding. Made in Canada.  
Building new system starting with power amp. What would you choose ?
My fantasy amp brand is NAGRA. If I win the lottery, I want to have all-Nagra electronics.  
General question on Carbon fiber tonearms versus aluminum
To the technical people: What roles do material hardness and strength play when it comes to tonearm material? If I am correct, carbon fiber is stronger than yet not as hard as aluminum; aluminum is harder than but not as strong as carbon fiber.I h... 
Experience with Sensitive Sound MC cartridges
This thread started with me soliciting for others' experiences of the Sensitive Sound cartridges, because I got curious after reading a review and would like to get one. Thank you for your posts. However, we have shifted to another direction here ... 
Experience with Sensitive Sound MC cartridges
@chakster The reason I want to try is that I would never know if I didn't. It's part of our hobby. With all due respect, not to try a new company because there are well-known companies around does not make much sense. Imagine if people never tried... 
Experience with Sensitive Sound MC cartridges
@mijostyn Given you have the funds, would you like to try it yourself? Then you can share your experience. When it comes to cartridges, the more the merrier. I am seriously considering getting one.  
Experience with Sensitive Sound MC cartridges
@chakster My impression is that Sensitive Sound is a serious company. If you like, you can explore local Russian makes for us, such as Sensitive Sound and NewArtVinyl mentioned by Elliott.  
Is room size considered when they design speakers?
This is just my guess. I think that to a certain extent they consider the room size a certain design is optimal for. I don't think they would expect a customer to use standmounters in a large room, for example. Same as you cannot use a Tannoy West...