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The most helpful Forum Discussion Topics???
Salute, gentlemen. 
The most helpful Forum Discussion Topics???
Brauser, well said. 
The most helpful Forum Discussion Topics???
My first response: the ones about which Al (Almarg) comments. Although many of his contributions are over my head, I seem to absorb concepts and methods. Second response: those experienced members who are willing to give an opinion. When I ask for... 
Glenn Campbell - new found respect
ok. interesting, Tost. 
Glenn Campbell - new found respect
Glen Campbell played in Frank Sinatra's orchestra. He used a capo which enabled him to play in any key, and for that reason he was much sought after. I would not have thought that the use of a capo was that rare. 
Forgiving digital coax ?
Empirical Audio sells a digital coax for $250 which is 4 ft in length. Even though I can't compare it to other high quality coax, I highly recommend auditioning it. 30 day return. It was a huge upgrade in my system. And Al did not discourage me fr... 
Review: Harman Kardon HK990 Amplifier
I haven't checked this post for a long time, not that I can be helpful at all. Is there an authorized hk service center in India? An hk service center would be the key, I think. Good luck. 
Two Channel HT
I can biamp with my hk avr7550hd by setting the avr to 5-channel stereo mode. You then have to set center channel to off and speakers to large and no sub. So then the right front and side have the same full signal and the left front and side have ... 
Input sensitivity, Gain and Preamp matching
As I recall the amp's sensitivity needs to be about .5v. I tried a passive line stage with an amp having 1v sensitivity once with a poor result.Just a guess that you need a higher gain pre as well, but others with weighty authority here can tell y... 
integrated watts or amp watts
Yeah, but loudness and size of the room aren't the only considerations. You need an amp with enough power to control the speakers. That may not be a lot with some of the modern speakers, but with class A/B SS, if the amp is not controlling the dri... 
HK T-60
I think you have good advice from above. If you are interested in the T-60 historically, you might want to keep it. I don't think it would be exagerating to say it was famous for filling a gap between the lower end and the top turntables. With the... 
Room treatment
Mapman, the neighbor in construction stopped in today. His take on zman's ductboard: "We call it buffalo board. It's basicly cardboard and it would absorb a lot of sound. It comes in 4x8 sheets for about $6. We could frame those up in no time. And... 
Room treatment
Alzheimers on the run, baby.(forgot to include diffusers as option) 
Room treatment
OK. 1 x 3 instead of 2 x 4; ductboard or other materials, thicker and/or denser material for bass traps, all corners, wave the ceiling, go slowly so it doesn't get too dead, keep head out of corner. I think I've got it.Thanks, everybody for great ... 
Room treatment
Thanks, guys. Zmanastronomy, outstanding, really cool. There aren't enough adjectives. I will check out that material. Glad I asked.