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Fo.Q Tape under Chord TT2
Around the edges of drivers(as a spacer between driver and box), outlet wall cover wrapped entirely, ontop of capacitors, placed near or on power inlet of device, and obviously outside of chasis(keep temperature in mind). Stuff works wonders and i... 
Critical listening and altered states
Lsd please 
Stem Player
@dweller its really hard to sample anything that has drums in it. It messes with the song you are trying to make. It limits your choices to parts of songs that don't have drums being used. I will say, I personally think art should be considered "o... 
Stem Player
@dweller bite as in steal 
Stem Player
@dweller would also be an easy way for artists to bite your sound easily(without copyright permission). 
Stem Player
@dweller takes an incoming song and breaks it all apart, letting you have access to each sound(voice,guitar,piano...) separately, without anything else in the song playing. @stereo5 "yeezy season approaching f@#$ whatever yall been hearin" lol sor... 
Should we pay more attention to delays in sound?
@bifwynne buy a pair of full range single driver speakers and be amazed(I know I was) at perfect time coherence. My recommendation for something not to expensive is Audio Nirvana.  
Reasonably sensitive speakers for tube amps, max $2k/pair, new or used
Look into Audio Nirvana drivers. You’ll have to build/or have someone build boxes for you. Once installed you’ll be amazed. Quite a bit under your budget aswell. Outside of that id be looking at Tekton Perfect Set. Would love to hear a pair of the... 
Audio Note Kit 1
Yes the fuse was a big improvement(in this amp, and all my other gear). Dont knock it till you try it for yourself.  
Where are the young audiophiles?
I'm 28 years old. We are here, just not in masses.  
Chord Qutest + MScaler
@jc51373 I have an HP I7 laptop that has been optimized by Fidelizer and Audiophile Optimizer. This feeds an Uptone Etherregen(cheap Chinese LPS) which runs to a Sonore Ultrarendu(small green computer LPS). The Ultrarendu feeds the TT2 and the TT2... 
Chord Qutest + MScaler
@jc51373 i recently sold/traded the Qutest with Teddy Pardo power supply for a TT2. Honestly.... with the LPS on the Qutest, it beats the TT2(stock power supply) in sheer tonality and it had a blacker background than the TT2 does with a stock powe... 
How old are you?
28 years old. I can still hear  
Audio Note Kit 1
@drrnc2 I will say my Kit 1 was built in 2010, and I've considered changing caps out of sheer OCD. If it was 20+ years old it would be the first thing I would do. I haven't done it yet, but someday I will. I have the AN copper film caps in mine. I... 
Seeking advice on Speakers that create an intimate 2 channel listening experience
Save your money. Get a pair of Audio Nirvana full range drivers and either build your box or pay someone local to do it for you. I have the 15in alinco classics and the 8in neodymiums classics. I prefer the 8s for speed and transients, and the 15s...