Zero One Ti48 - Anyone Heard this?

I have come across 2 reviews (6 Moons and Stereo Times) on the Zero One Ti48 music server: totally self-contained, no need for keyboards, screens, wifi, network access. You put in your CD and it automatically plays or rips 1:1 archive quality...750GB for 1200 hours of uncompressed. Playback from HD is apparently quite good. I like totally self-contained solutions.

Just have not heard it. anyone else know about sound from the HD, quality of support? I am holding out for the right self-contained server solution to compete with a top quality transport like Zanden, MBL, Esoteric, (for my Zanden DAC). Thanks for any thoughts here...or pointers to other self-contained solutions!
I own this transport since around 5 years. very happy with it but have not compared it directly to other high end servers or conventional disc transport but I doubt that I could never get my mac mini sound only remotely as good as my slightly modded TI 48.

however, this unit can't be connected to the internet for music downloads. it also can't handle anything besides 16/44. if you, like me just want to put your large cd collection on it and play it back the unit is recommended