Zenwave alternatives

I have speaker and IC cables from Zenwave and buy most of my gear used. Seems Zenwave has been really hard to find used lately. What would be some companies that would be similar to Zenwave I could find used? I’m using D3 IC’s and SL17 speaker cables. 


Zenwave is going to be incredibly difficult to better or equal, IMO. Why not support Dave and buy new, his pricing is not that crazy compared to a number of others?


@daveyf I get that and would like to, but I'm moving my rack to the side and will need 5m length, which is pushing the base models to $1200. I know for some that's a drop in the bucket, but right now I can't afford to put up $1200 on speaker cables.


Send an email to Raymond from the site above. Very good cables...


While the Zavfino cables that I have heard are fine, I do not think they are really in the same league as the Zenwave's. IMO.