Your ''best kept secret'' speaker choice ?

Some manufacturers have the financial means to plaster magazines with ads. For other, they are still at the word-of-mouth stage, and many will not get past this line.

I was wondering what less-than-well-known, or obscure speaker out there stand out as particularly gifted both in sonics and value ? Could be in any price category....
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Magnepan. If you truly don't like panel speakers,Madisound.
Green Mountain Audio Europa. Although there is a small, cult-like following behind the Europa's, they are certainly not as well known as they should be. For under a grand new, the Europa's are at least on par with the likes of Merlin TSM's and Revel M30's. And that's not a knock on the Merlins or Revels, I think they are both excellent speakers for the price too. The Europa's, however, are an absolute steal.
DeVore Fidelity - a small company based I think in New York. They have a small monitor called the Gibbon 3 and a floorstander, the Gibbon 8. I don't own these but heard the monitors recently and they are fantastic. Tiny speakers that throw a huge soundstage, very musical, not fatiguing in the least.
I second the Magnepan. I've owned lots of speakers
(expensive and cheap) and I keep coming back to
Magnepans. First owned Tympani 1-C's in the late 70's,
then MG-IIIa's in the late 80's and now 1.6QR's. I
expect my next pair will be 3.6's.

There are lots of good speakers around, but the Magnepan
magic is something special.
Reimer speakers. Individually hand-built. Good efficiency. Great sound! I own the McCullough, and I'm impressed.