You know you're an audiophile if--

You just got a pair of speakers you can barely move yourself (inverse proportionality with age probably too)

The first house you bought cost less than your current stereo investment (ditto)

You have boxes of cables with which you don't know what to do
Hi Arthur, I looked up "melomane" in two dictionaries and could not find a description.

A melomane is one who is in love with music. It is from French, although I'm sure it is in the OED.

Your wife tells you she is filling for divorce and you next thought is
"far out, now I can have my system cranked 24/7."
1. You have to sneak in the new piece of equipment so your wife/partner does not say "is that a new ....?"

2. You can only replace your $3k power conditioner with a $10k power conditioner because they have identical faceplate so your wife/partner does not know you have just blown your month's paycheck on the upgrade.

3. You start shopping at Wal-Mart so you can save for a new upgrade.

4. You have a tube amp next to bed so you can see the bulbs glow to fall asleep.

I have been thinking of this idea...What do you think of this idea?
Have a closet (no doors) with shelves full of junk equipment (bought from Goodwill and craigslist), bring home a new piece to add to the shelf. One day I make announcement after dinner that I am going to try out an old piece from the closet in your current set-up.