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Has anyone made the jump to $uper High end and were disappointed?
Come on fellas, if you spent 50 grand on a stereo system and we're not happy, would YOU admit it?Think about it.Whoever out there does is the God of Honesty and don't think there is one.Sitting here banging out some Hank Mobley, "Uh Huh" through t... 
Purpose of white LED lights inside Wolcott amp.
Hello Rleff,Thanks, it is a nice amp. 
Purpose of white LED lights inside Wolcott amp.
Imhififan,You were right. 
Purpose of white LED lights inside Wolcott amp.
Gentlemen,Thanks again for your ideas and input.I have heard back from Pat McGuire at Wolcott and the riddle is solved.As is turns out, when I had sent this amp in for a check up a couple of years ago he custom installed the LEDs as servo circuit ... 
Purpose of white LED lights inside Wolcott amp.
Gentlemen,Thank you for you input.The lamp came on after I changed the input tubes on that side.The Wolcott P-120S is a self biasing amp,so tube bias is something I would not think comes into play.Also, I do not see an adjustment screw by these li... 
The Death of Tubes?
Yep, their commin',gonna get your bulbs, tubes and tube of toothpaste.The future is a vast wasteland void of light, music and filled with rampant tooth decay. 
Power Cords: A Skeptic Looking to Dabble...
I'd go with PS Audio Premire. Good deals to be found for this cable used. One for the APC H15 power conditioner and another through to theYaqin MC 30L. 
You know you're an audiophile if--
Your wife tells you she is filling for divorce and you next thought is "far out, now I can have my system cranked 24/7." 
Review: Quad U S A ESL-989 Speaker
Hello Fellow Goners,I am late to the party, however, I would like to note:First, Clifton (Gkcc3) thank for your excellent point that "NO" speaker is going to sound like an auditorium performance in ones living room. Just not going to happen. Secon...