Xv-1s competative carts mention in latest TAS

In the latest TAS Harry mentioned that there were 2 new carts that were compteting with his current favorite the Xv-1s, that he would write about in the future.

Any thoughts as to what they are?
The way I read it was not two new cartridges - "but the XV-1s faces competition from 2 other designs" -- ZYX UNIverse being one?? Just a guess on my part. Will be interesting to see what he comes up with in a future review.
I'll revise my guess -- how about a new cartridge from Clearaudio & a new or existing but revised Air Tight model.
I doubt it is the ZYX as it does not have the distribution through retailers to meet standards for a print magazine. I know many who love the PC-1. Of course there are a lot of amazing cartridges w. different flavors.
The last two over $5K cartridges that anyone sent him.
Lewm, you are a bad boy :-)
I think HP is a good bit behind the times,these days.Not that I can blame him,as he certainly has been at it a long time.

Does it really matter what design he favors as of now?

He is a masterful writer,and has had a great impact on this hobby,but there is enough good input from the ANALOG forum of Audiogon alone, for virtually anyone to make great choices.
There is "always" going to be the secretive preferred design "cliffhanger" products,that HP loves(a great idea for a writer,taken from old serial comics,I assume).Only you have to wait forever to find out.By then there is surely going to be a better design,somewhere,or the old "best" had a flaw,that appeared along the line.
I'm not complaining,but that is my opinion.