XLR Cables for Center Channel

Is it worth it to have the same XLR Interconnect for the Center Channel as for the Left & Right channels?  Any feedback is appreciated.
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Yes. When in home theater mode 85% of the sound comes from the center speaker and most of the dialog. System differences are typically accentuate weight and tone of voices.

Silver plated copper is frequently a good choice for relatively inexpensive interconnects. But all this is dependent on the quality of your components. If they are noisy and distorted it might not be a good choice.
Thanks for the response.  I should have been more definitive.  My equipment is a 12 year old BMK 200 watt/7.2 amp and McIntosh MX123 processor with Von Schweikert L, R VR4s and matching Center Channel.  the MX123 is new and therefore, the reason to upgrade to the XLR interconnects.  Just have to determine which ones to buy, but they always come in pairs so I wasn't sure if the same cable should be used for the Center channel.