Would adding an older Esoteric G0RB clock improve the sound on an Esoteric K-01 XD player

Hello Audiogoners - I hope you are all staying well. Let me know your thoughts or even your experiences of adding on an '' older '' Rubidium clock to a curent Esoteric single box player. Thank you in advance 
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Thank you and not so sure on your response Mr. Bourne and Roxy a dealer is just that a dealer ; i want to hear from Esoteric owners first
Sorry , but it  it won't because the new K-01XD only accepts a clock signal of  10 MHz  in which the G-orb does not output.
I know this  because I sold my G-Orb because I couldn't use it with my new K-O1XD.
 You must use a clock that outputs a 10 MHz signal!
Good morning drdavid - thank you very much as that was the information that  I was actually for. The usual '' thread locusts'' as I call them offered nothing but this was the information I was looking for and why I asked the question. I was not sure if the older clocks were compatible with the newer players. So did you still purchase an out board clock and did you still stay with Esoteric ?  Let me know and thank you in advance........