Wireless Transmitter/Receiver for Rear speaker in HT

Can anyone recommend a decent Wireless solution for rear speakers in my home theater. I have a large room (30x26) and no easy way to run speaker cables or interconnects. The distance between transmitter and receivers will be ~30 ft, and the wireless units I've found get a lot of complaints for dropouts.

I am open to finding used units or new.

thanks in advance!
for clarification, I'm looking for a low level transmitter/receiver between the pre/pro and power amp which I will place with the rear speakers. 

Is it possible to run a Cat5e, which should be easier than speaker cables or interconnects? Then use a stereo audio balun on each end.

thanks TLS49. I had thought about that . . . and the quality would be better than either long speaker cables or wireless, but I still have to string wires through the ceiling which I'm trying to avoid. This may be where I land if I can't find a wireless solution I'm satisfied with.  thanks again . . .