Wilson Sasha , Avalon Indra or Magico V3?

Wich speaker will be the best for
Spectral DMC 30ss and 360 mono?
Wilson Sasha, Avalon Indra or Magico V3?
Thanks. Sergio
Considering the Prince is two times the price of Indras and approx. 30% more than the Sasha one would hope the Prince would be better. But even that's debatable. The Stereophile measurements certainly aren't a slam dunk.

But even if the Prince is "one class better", only Stevie Wonder could appreciate the looks :)
>>03-07-10: Kops
Hansen Prince V2 at least one class better.<<

How do you define "class" and apply it amongst a group of different listeners and/or products?

Specifically, what unit of measurement is used?

This could be very useful to the audiophile community.

Thanks in advance.
..after hearing the tidal 'piano cera' speakers last weekend at the axpona show and having heard the magico v3 and wilson sasha ...haven't heard the avalon indra...the piano cera is much better then either of the first 2...imo...i have not heard a speaker that is as emotionally involving as the 'piano cera' and it is almost the exact price as the magico v3...it does everything right..room size is obviously important as the piano cera is not for large rooms...