Wilson Alexandria X2 vs Alexx

Debating between the 2 for a huge, sonically challenged room. Only auditioned the Alexx so wondering how they compare to each other and is newer technology better than the old? Assuming price is the same, would you still rather have the X2?

Dagostino Pre and M400 monos will drive.
I lived with the X2 for some time and, while I loved them*, I would unreservedly recommend you go for the Alexx. To me, they sounded faster, more open, and more dynamic than my X2s—more modern if you will. They do seem more difficult to set up and much more difficult to drive, but your amplification should be more than enough to make them rock.

*The A’s would disappear in my average-sized room (I mean sonically, of course) and provide beautiful unrestrained sound — but I think the new ones sound even better.
Having heard both, I would easily go with the Alexx. The old X2 utilizes the bright, ringing and nasty ( IMO) Focal titanium dome. That alone would discount this speaker for me. You have enough power to drive either speaker. 
The price of the old Alex 2 is still quite high for what it is, IMO, BUT the Alexx is a lot more pricey ( as it should be).