Will a Mullard ECC34 Substitute Safely for a ECC32

I have an Almarro 318B SET amp that uses one 6SL7 and one 6SN7 in its pre-stage. I have read that a Mullard ECC34 is a ECC32 (6SN7) with a different impedance. I noticed that the specs for the ECC34 are quit a bit different than a ECC32 or 6SN7.

My question then is, will a Mullard ECC34 work safely in my amp, since a 6SN7 is called for? Does anyone have experience with substituting a 6SN6 with an ECC34?
Despite some vendor claims the DIY community has long considered the ECC34 as not being a sub for a 6SN7. My only personal experience with British CV1988s is very good in fact they are possibly the best in my gear. Don't confuse these with the BRIMAR made for export 6SN7GT which is a mediocre tube IMHO.
I found out for myself and found I had no problem substituting an ECC34 for an ECC32 in my Almarro 318B. They sound similar also.