Who still does mods for CD players

Years ago I sent my Sony SCD 777es to Richard Kern and had a number of things upgraded.  I tried to find info on him again, but came up with nothing.  Is there anyone around anymore doing the same kind of work?


+1, @jond  

Dan at Modwright has been doing it for years. His latest innovation is Analog Bridge. Check it out! 

Dan Wright (Modwright) is the only one I’d trust to do any kind of mods, by far. I have a good friend with some of the Kern mods on an SCD-1. No thanks, not for me.

In the last several years, and particularly with the passing of Oppo, Dan’s modding business has taken a back seat to his own excellent component line. BUT he’s currently evaluating getting back into mods with the Schiit Yggdrasil. He won’t release it unless it’s really good, and a good value. Having owned Yggy and a couple other Schiit components - yeah it's a nice DAC, but it could probably benefit from a much sweeter sounding output stage. You can keep up with Dan on Facebook.

Not sure if he’d do a 1-off mod on a CD player - can’t hurt to ask :)

I kind of assumed Dan was out of the modding biz @mulveling that's interesting to hear and @lalitk the analog bridge seems like a perfect add on to any digital source without going through a mod great call.