Which vintage tube pre for my class D amp?

My home system is Leben to Devore, very tubey and beautiful.

But I have a Jeff Rowland class D amp sitting around and thought I would hook it up to some Devore 9s I have for a system at my design studio. Just for fun and in the spirit of experimentation I figured I'd pair the tiny ICEpower Rowland with a vintage tube pre, some massive old thing, and check out the whole digital amplification/tube preamp angle, which some people are gung ho about.

So, any recommendations for a big old beautiful tube pre? Would be great if it had balanced outs to go to the Rowland.

Why not try a more current tube preamp to get the best from the amps? They are dead quiet with a black background and are fully balanced and you should run them that way to get the most from them. A vintage tube pre, no matter how romantic, will be full of noise and grunge.
While generally a big fan of tube preamps, I'm reminded that with some Class D amps there may be impedance mismatches with a tube pre. If so, a darker, "dead" sound may result. Check it out first.
You know, you're right. I'm thinking an ARC, maybe an LS25 to take advantage of the balanced operation. And impedence should be fine; the Rowland is 40k. Thanks for the reality check guys.