Which Plasma screen has the most neutral colors?

I would like to know whether Plasma screen 42 inch and or 60 inch compares to say $10-20k single gun projectors? Which make is regarded to have the most natural and neutral colors and resolution?
I think the Panasonic is currently the best, especially with their superior black levels.
Hafeez/Glen -

The Runco (which I own) is NOTHING more than an NEC MP42
on Runco steroids. Whoops, did I say steroids? I didn't mean that, well, not completely, I mean, ah, well..............

Yeah, thanks Ken C.!

I had the MP42 first, and went to the Runco JUST because it had the scaler. That makes it better, but pair a scaler (TAW, Faroudja NRS) with the NEC and they will be the same (or better), and heck, probably still substantially less!

Dan ...uh..no .. I saw it and have to agree, its a little more then just a steriod thing..it was excellent, with that said, I bought the Marantz .. I like it but its no Runco
I haven't seen the Runco, but at my local dealer the Pioneer was considerably better than the Panasonic or Sony models.
I've been preparing for my plasma purchase this week, which essentially means hitting the books, you know lots and lot's of research.

It appears that Runco's and Marantez are actually NEC monitors. That's how NEC markets their product retail. They only sell to the public as NEC through Internet companies.

Sadly NEC is in fact rated second to Panasonic in the great plasma shootout. I guess that means Albert is right on the money, again :^)

I've found some great prices on Panasonic plasmas and will be making a purchase in the near future.