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Fyne F703...anyone owns the ?
I am a Fyne dealer and have the 701’s in the shop, the F1-12 (ordered several months ago) should land my way by the end of January and just ordered the 703’s. I love the 701 and so many folks say the same about Fyne as mentioned above….similar to... 
Integrated Amp or Receiver suggestion for Prestige 95Fs
I’ve heard the 95, 85, and 75 quite a bit with NAIM gear and it is quite a good match.NAIM is expensive and not easily demo’d.great match if you can swing it. 
Best floorstanding speakers under $2000
Talon Raven or Khorus, very good.Energy Veritas 1.8 or 2.8, very, very good.Talon are efficient, Veritas are not.Aerial 10T's are quite good, not efficient.Meridian DSP-5500's, good - and have amplifiers built in.Most, if not all of these can be h... 
Top 5 Hamburgers
Revived list !! Bettys! 
What I learned on Audiogon This Year
a) Everything is Seller Suggested "Priced to Sell" - when in fact isn't that the buyers decision?b) I love headphones.c) A headphone system is not substantially less expensive than a nice small room system!d) Sometimes you have less than 1 day to ... 
Shipping to Mexico?
Follow up - international transaction = NO PAYPAY!I have used several freight companies to ship all over the world, from Mexico, Australia, Europe, Russia, Taiwan, Japan, China, Korea, etc, etc. BAX used to be the least expensive and easiest to tr... 
Shipping to Mexico?
Dave43 - I recently shipped a pair of B&W N801's to Mexico City. It is no different from the SELLERS shoes than shipping to Australia, Germany, Canada, or Russia - international is international. There are tax to be paid in Mexico, and as I un... 
Cant understand Meridian Gear
Mudcat,Send me the details of your system and I will help explain which would or would not benefit you.Dan 
From anthem/pse to rowland seperates?
Evan - I would dump the PSE V's - get into something else. By the way, when you do, let me know so I can take ownership of those V's to mate with the pair I already have and would never get rid of!Dan 
Oppo bdp-83 straight to power amplifier
Reubent,Does the stock DV-970 have the ability to go directly to the amp or is that part of the mod?Dan 
levinson 436monos vs. krell mcx 350monos
I would take the Krell. One of the best all around amps I have ever owned. Good on all accounts. 
3 channel amps really good
Not sure about 3-channel amps, but locating a Proceed AMP5 (sometimes you can find dead 1/2 channel versions cheap) can be had for $1,400/$1,800. 125/250 and very good, clean power. Tough to beat in a multi-channel amp - despite repairs no longer ... 
Energy RC or Veritas
The 2.8's do require three additional things - more money than 1.8's (usually about 2 times as much), a larger room than 1.8's, and more power/current than 1.8's - though not drastically different in the last.I have a pair of Mahogany 1.8's and gl... 
Energy RC or Veritas
Having own and owned several Energy Veritas, JBL, B&W, Revel, Snell, Cello, VS, Meridian, Dunlavy, Duntech, and so on down the line, the two speakers I prefer (very personal taste obviously) over all but ONE of the above are the Energy Veritas... 
Best amplifier for Wilson Maxx 2's
Alot of folks like and use the large Krell amps, FPB's.I also really liked the Levinson 33H and 33's.I used a pair of Cello Duet's in a veritical biamp configuration with the best results.