Which LS3/5a?

I would like to add one more speaker to my small group of speakers and I am considering my first LS3/5a.  The Rogers LS3/5a SE or Falcons Gold Badge appear to be the two that have caught my attention but I am open to any suggestions from owners of other brands of ls3/5a's.  Currently I have been enjoying a Dynaudio Heritage Special speakers and would like to buy a ls3/5a and compare the two and keep one set of speakers.  So any LS35a owners out there?


I had chartwell Ls3/5as over 40 years ago and they were wonderful for their time.

I can't help wondering if their are better options today (I'd check out LSAs offerings) but if you want Ls3/5as here is a review of 4 different ones:



I have original Chartwells that were given to me, along with a NOS woofer.  They sound beautiful and if you get down to Orange County, CA you are welcome to listen for yourself.

I have the newer Rogers 15ohm LS3/5a’s, and am currently running them with a Sugden A21SE Sig.  TBH, they sound great with many amps, both tube and SS.