What It Takes To Get An Audio Product to Market

Since we frequently have debates about what audio gear costs and what it should cost, I thought there might be interest in this series of articles in Copper Magazine:


It's an online magazine produced by PS Audio but is not used to promote their products.  That's done in the PS Audio Newsletter.  Copper deals with audio and music and has some really good articles.  You might want to subscribe (it's free).

This is Part I.  I hope it gives those of us who have never tried to bring a product to market some idea of what it takes.

I am sorry but this sounds like Tobacco industries hiring doctors and researchers to bust the myths about smoking?
So where would you expect to see an article on bringing an audio product to market? Car and Driver?

Considering that this is PS Audio’s return policy:

Return/Refund Policy

The following only applies to US retail sales, which includes phone or internet sales directly with PS Audio to retail customers.

PS Audio provides free shipping, via FEDEX economy, to any US resident (including Hawaii and Alaska) when you order through our web store. Once you receive the product you have a full 30-days to enjoy and evaluate it in the comfort of your home. Should the product not live up to your expectations we offer a no-hassle return policy. Simply call or email us and we’ll gladly give you a return authorization document.

As long as we receive the product in like-new condition and it was returned in the original packing material you will receive a 100% credit back on your credit card. It’s that easy and we’re that confident you’re going to love what you get from PS.

I think your suspicion of nefarious motives is misplaced.