What is the Latest Word on Proceed?

I am looking for a three channel amp to power an Aerial 10t system with LR5 for center channel. I like the Proceed HPA3. Are there shops that can repair proceed economically now that Proceed is out of business? I'm trying to determine if I should remove the Proceed from my list of contenders.
You should not even consider the Proceed because the repairs cost more than you would pay for a used Proceed amp. You can still get them repaired at any place that fixes Mark Levinson repair facility. It is a lower end version of Mark Levinson.
This should help as I understand they are well qualified, can provide pre- estimates and do good work.
I think what Thesoundhouse contends is true only if you send the amp to Harmon for repair. You should enquire locally about repair shops. Furthermore, the likelihood of needing a repair is small.