what cartridge recs for Nottingham Spacedeck

I'm looking hard at the Nottingham Spacedeck / Spacearm
and considering a cartridge for it

initially I'd like to stay under $500 but would like to hear about the musical qualities of anything below that or up to $1k.

I am interested in an involving, tonally balanced presentation with strond resolution and imaging
I would tend to favor a slight warmth over something analytical and harder.


I am using a Dynavector Karat cartridge and have been very pleased with it in all regards. I think it is a nice match with a Nottingham and falls in your price range ($750). If I chose to upgrade I think it would be worthwhile to only make a big leap, like a Lyra Helicon.
I originally had a Nottingham Tracer 3 (MM) on my Spacearm which I sold. In retrospect, wish I had kept it. It was a fine cartridge. MANY folks use a Dynavector 20X on the Spacearm. I tried one and it wasn't as dynamic as what I sought. I tried a Dynavector 17D Karat and found it a wee bright in my rig. Could have been my other components and speakers, though. I tried a Grado Statement Sonata once and found it too heavy and it did not complement the table or arm. I considered once a Benz LO4 but was dissuaded from doing so by my dealer.

Finally, I used a Shelter 501 MkII and it sounds fantastic on the Spacearm. Concerns of using the Shelter with a unipivot arm are not a factor in the case of the Spacearm, at least as far as my ears told me. The 901 also sounds fabulous with the Spacearm, but is out of your price range.

I usually do not give suggestions based on something I have not heard myself. However, I recently sold my Spacearm and the buyer has tried a number of cartridges and is thrilled with it using an Ortofon Kontrapunkt.

Good luck.
How about a Goldring 1042? That's a nice cartridge that is only about $350 retail. Or maybe a Dynavector 10x4. I'm aiming at the under $500 part of your question.
I Goldring 1042 might be a good choice in that price range. Rumor has it that the 'Not Tracer cartridges are based on a Goldring design. Not that price always equates with better sound, but I would advise getting the best cartridge you can afford for now to get as much out of that very nice combo as you can, rather than going a cheaper route with plans of upgrading later. Later will likely come sooner and it will cost you more in the long run. Just my opinion, those of others may vary.
Just my 2 cents worth - I own the G1042 MM cart. I'm using it w/ my OL Silver 250 with great results. The static compliance of the cart. is 16um/mN, which makes it a medium compliant cart. & it should mate well w/ the Nott. Space arm. As TWL must have already stated - low compliant cartridges do not mate well with unipivots, IN GENERAL. There are always exceptions, which is fine.

Anyway, the G1042 has rich bass, warm vocals & is very musical. It is not analytical at all. Very nice cart. & very pleasing to the ear. As 4yanx has hinted - there are a # of manufacturers who have modified the Goldring design & are re-selling it under their label. To name some - Reson, Roksan Corus & possibly the Nott Tracer. This cart. will not disappoint you. IMHO, YMMW, FWIW.
The Clearaudio Virtuoso is a great cartridge as well, though I don't know how it would work on the Spacearm. I had the Virtuso on a Rega/Michell Gyro and the sound was excellent. However, didn't work as well when I switched to an SME 309; may have been compliance problems. Retail is around $750, but can be had for $600 w/ a trade-in of any old cartridge, or about $500 mail-ordered from Europe.

I have a 3 month old Spacedeck and am using the Clearaudio Virtuoso MM cartridge. Extremely happy with the combination. Unfortunately, can't say I have heard any other cartridges on the Spacedeck. But I can say I strongly prefer my Spacedeck / Clearaudio to my Audio Research CD gear. Putting my CD collection in storage.